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Name: Moshe Reuveni, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant SciencesOrnamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  ‎‎972-3-9683830 lab ‎‎03-9683874
Cell: 130
Email:    vhmoshe@agri.gov.il
Office location:Room 212, Horticulture Building
Address:Ornamental Horticuture
PO Box 6
Bet Dagan, 50250

Researcher in plant biochemistry and physiology.  Other speciality: plant tissue culture and regeneration.

Research Interests / Job description
Molecular events during shoot regeneration in plant tissue culture.
Developing tissue culture methods for ornamentals
The function of V-ATPase subunits.

Select Publications      

31a      Evenor** D. Zaccai M. Chen X. and Reuveni M. (2006)

            Regeneration and transformation of Echinops cv Veitsch blue

           Plant, Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture.  85: 1-9.

32a      Evenor** D.  Cipovistky, M. & Reuveni M (2006)

            On the genetic components of the responsiveness of Kniphofia to growth regulators and sugars.

           Plant, Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture.  85: 45-51.

33c      Rojas, J. D., S. R. Sennoune , D. Maiti, K. Bakunts, M. Reuveni, S. C. Sanka, G. M. Martinez, E. A. Seftor, C. J. Meininger,  D. E. Wesson, M. J. C. Hendrix, R. Martínez-Zaguilán and G. Wu (2006)

Vacuolar Type H+ -ATPases at the Plasma Membrane Regulate pH and Cell Migration in Microvascular Endothelial Cells.

Am J Physiol: Heart and Circulatory Physiology.  291(3): H1147-H1157

34a.     Evenor** D, and Reuveni M. (2007)

On the effect of light on shoot regeneration in petunia.

Plant, Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture. 89:49-54.

35c      Kolotilin I, Koltai H, Tadmor Y, Bar-Or C, Reuveni M, Meir A, Nahon S, Shlomo H, Chen L, and Levin I  (2007)

Transcriptional Profiling of high pigment-2dg Tomato Mutant Links Early Fruit Plastid Biogenesis with its Overproduction of Phytonutrients.

Plant Physiology. 145: 389-401.

36c     Saper M, Oren-Shamir M, Ovadia R, Reuveni M, Evenor D, Tadmor Y, Nahon  S, Shlomo H, Chen L, Meir A, and Levin I (2008)

            Molecular Aspects of Anthocyanin fruit Tomato in Relation to high pigment-1

            Heredity. 99(3): 292-303.

37d      Khalkhali-Ellis Z, Abbott D,  Bailey C, Goossens W, Margaryan N, Gluck S, Reuveni M and Hendrix, M (2008)

            IFN-γ Regulation of Vacuolar pH, Cathepsin D Processing and Autophagy in Mammary Epithelial Cells

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.  105(1): 208-18.

38a      Caspi N**, Levin I, Chamovitz DA and Reuveni M (2008)

           A mutation in the tomato DDB1 gene affects cell and chloroplast compartment size and CDT1 transcript.

Plant Signaling & Behavior.  3: 641-649.

39d      Lavi N, Oren-Shamir M, Ovadia R, Reuveni M, Tadmor Y, Nahon  S, Shlomo H, Chen L, Meir A, and Levin I (2009)

Characterization of the INTENSE PIGMENT tomato genotype emphasizing targeted fruit metabolite levels and chloroplast biogenesis

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 57(11): 4818-4826

40d      Hinton A, Sennoune S.R, Bond S, Fang M, Reuveni M, G. Sahagian G, Jay D, Martinez-Zaguilan R and Michael Forgac M (2009)

Function of a Subunit Isoforms of the V-ATPase in pH Homeostasis and In Vitro Invasion of MDA-MB231 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 284(24): 16400-16408.

41c      Anbinder I, Reuveni M, Azari R, Paran I, NahonS , Shlomo H, Chen L, Lapidot M, and Levin I (2009)

Molecular dissection of TY172, a symptomless source of resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus, by DNA markers.

Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 119(3): 519-530.

42b      Liberman R., Shahar L., Nissim-Levi, A., Evenor, D., Reuveni M. and Oren-Shamir M (2010)

Plantlet regeneration from Brunfelsia calycina leaf explants.

Plant, Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture. 100(3): 345-348.

43b      Azari R, Reuveni M, Evenor D, Nahon S, Shlomo H, Chen L, and Levin L (2010)

Over-expression of UV-damaged DNA binding protein 1 fills in the missing link between plant development and phytonutrient accumulation in high pigment-1 tomato plants.

Journal of Experimental Botany.  61(13): 3627-3637.

44b      Kolotilin  I,  Koltai H, Bar-Or C,  Nahon S, Chen L,  Shlomo H, Levin I and  Reuveni M (2011)

Expressing Yeast SAMdc Gene Confers Broad Changes in Gene Expression and Alters Fatty Acid Composition in Tomato Fruit

Physiologia Plantarum. In Press

            Books and book chapters and invited reviews

5b        Azari, R., Tadmor, Y., Meir, A., Reuveni, M., Evenor, D., Nahon, S., Shlomo, H., Chen, L. and Levin I (2010)

Light signaling genes and their manipulation towards modulation of phytonutrient content in tomato fruits. (Research Review paper)

            Biotechnology Advances. 28: 108-118

            Articles in non-reviewed journals

3a        Evenor D. Reuveni, M. (2008).

Micro-propagation of recalcitrant Grevillea genotypes.

Acta Horticulturae.  Vol 805; 51-56.  Proceedings of 2006 International Protea meeting.

4a        Reuveni M E. Spigel and R. Zeligman (2005)

            The effect of storage period on pelargonium cuttings quality.

           Flower World. Journal of Israeli flowers Growers (In Hebrew). Vol. 26: May 2005, 58-61.

5a        Evenor, D. and Reuveni M (2007)

           Propagation in tissue culture and transformation of Echinops.

            Flower World. Journal of Israeli flowers Growers (In Hebrew). Vol. 28: May 2007, 44-48.

6a      Reuveni M, Evenor, D and Levin I (2008)

Propagation of ornamentals and vegetables.

Yevol See: A Journal for Advanced Agriculture  (In Hebrew). Vol. 30: January 2008, 70-71.


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