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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Yehiam Salts, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Plant SciencesVegetable and Field Crops
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683901 03-9683460
Cell: 050-6220466
Email:    ysalts@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Institute of Plant Sciences, Room 101 GADASH building
Address:Institute of Plant sciences
Agricultural Research Organization,
The Volcani Center,
P.O.Box 6, Bet Dagan 50250, Israel

Senior Scientist

Research Interests / Job description
• Physiology and Molecular Biology of tomato Fruit-Set and Development
• Parthenocarpic Fruit-Set
• Molecular basis for abiotic stress tolerance
• Isolation of Plant Organ-Specific promoters


B.Sc.        The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Biology, 1968

M.Sc.       The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Genetics, 1970

Ph.D.       The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Genetics, 1974


Academic Appointments

1997 -                 A.R.O. The Volcani Center, A.R.O. Senior Scientist, Plant molecular biology

1995-1996       Boyce Thompson Inst.  Ithaca. NY, Visiting Scientist, Plant molecular biology

1987-1988       University California, Berkeley, Visiting Scientist, Plant molecular biology

1975-1977       University California, San Diego, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yeast molecular biology


Selected Relevant Publications

Barg R, Salts Y, Lapushner D, Frankel R, Meir E  (1990) Differential regulation of a fruit specific 62 kDa protein in developing parthenocarpic (pat-2 /pat-2) and seeded tomato fruits. Physiol. Plant. 80: 417-424

Salts Y, Wachs R, Gruissem W, Barg R  (1991)  Sequence coding for a novel proline-rich protein preferentially expressed in young tomato fruit. Plant Mol. Biol. 17: 149-150

Salts Y, Kenigsbuch D , Wachs R, Gruissem W, Barg R. (1992) DNA sequence of the tomato fruit expressed proline-rich protein gene TPRP-F1 reveals an intron within the 3' untranslated transcript. Plant Mol. Biol 18: 407-409

Carmi N, Salts Y, Dedicova B, Shabtai S, Pilowsky M, Barg R.  (1997). Transgenic parthenocarpy due to specific over-sensitization of the ovary to auxin.  Acta Hort  447: 579-581

Szechtman A, Salts Y, Carmi N, Shabtai S, Barg R. (1997) Seedless fruit setting in response to NAM treatment of transgenic tomato expressing the iaaH gene specifically in the ovary.  Acta Hort 447: 597-598

Barg R, Pilowsky M, Shabtai S, Carmi N, Szechtman AD, Dedicova B, Salts Y (1997) The TYLCV-tolerant tomato line MP-1 is characterized by superior transformation competence. J Exp Bot  48: 1919-1923

Barg R, Shabtai S, Carmi N, Pilowsky M, Salts Y (2001). Transgenic parthenocarpy in determinate and indeterminate tomato cultivars. Acta Hort 560:207-210

Kafkas E, Koch-Dean M, Shabtai S, Tanaami Z, Salts Y, Barg R (2001). Development of methods for improved transformation of strawberry in Israel, with the aim of improving fruit development. Acta Hort 567:109-111

German M.A., Dai N., Chmelnitsky I., Sobolev I., Salts Y., Barg R., Schaffer AA, Granot D. (2002). LEFRK4, a novel tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L. mill) fructokinase specifically expressed in stamens. Plant Sci 163: 607-613

Chmelnitsky I, Sobolev I, Barg R, Shabtai S, Salts Y (2003). Isolation and preliminary characterization of tomato petal-and stamen-specific cDNAs from subtracted and equalized cDNA library.  Euphytica 129:229-236

Carmi N, Salts Y, Dedicova B, Shabtai S, Barg R (2003)  Induction of parthenocarpy in tomato via specific expression of the rolB gene in the ovary. Planta  217:726-735

Cohen A, Lipsky A, Arazi T, Ion A, Stav R, Sandler-Ziv D, Pintea C, Barg R, Salts Y, Shabtai S, Gaba,V, Gera A (2004) Efficient genetic transformation of Lilium longiflorum and Ornithogalum dubium by particle acceleration followed by
prolonged selection in liquid medium. Acta Horti  651:131-138

Barg R, Sobolev I, Eilon T, Gur A, Chmelnitsky I, Shabtai S, Grotewold E, Salts Y (2005) The tomato early fruit specific gene Lefsm1 defines a novel class of plant-specific SANT/MYB domain proteins. Planta 221:197-211

Zhang M, Barg R, Yin M, Gueta-Dahan Y, Leikin-Frenkel A, Salts Y, Shabtai S, Ben-Hayyim G (2005) Modulated fatty acid desaturation via over-expression of two distinct w-3 desaturases differentially alters tolerance to various abiotic
stresses in transgenic tobacco cells and plants. Plant J 44:361-371

Salts Y,  Sobolev I, Chmelnitsky I, Shabtai S, Barg R (2005) Genomic structure and expression of Lestd1, a seven-transmembrane-domain protein encoding gene specifically expressed in tomato pollen. Isr J Plant Sci  53:79-88

Shabtai S, Salts Y, Kaluzky G, Barg1 R (2007) Improved yielding and reduced puffiness under extreme temperatures induced by fruit specific expression of rolB in processing tomatoes. Theor Appl Genet 114:1203-1209

Book Chapter:

Barg R, Shabtai S, Salts Y (2001) Transgenic Tomato (Lycopesicon esculentum) In: Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry. Transgenic Crops II (Ed. YPS Bajaj).  pp.212-233. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg


Barg R and Y. Salts Y (Sept 5, 2000) United States Patent 6,114,602 : Method for the induction of genetic parthenocarpy in plants

Cultivar registration:

Pilowsky M, Cohen S, Barg R, Salts Y, Shabtai S, Carmi N, (28.10.1998).  Breedres' rights No. 1720. Tomato cultivar ‘Ady'

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