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Name: Uri Lavi-Gefel, Prof. (Retiree)
Units: Plant SciencesFruit Tree Sciences
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  ‎‎03-9683826 ‎‎03-9683339
Cell: 050-6-220026
Fax:03- 9601892
Email:    ulavi@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:ARO- Volcani Center
Address:P.O. Box 6,
Bet-Dagan, 50250

Researcher (A+). 

Research Interests / Job description
Genetics; Classical and Molecular Breeding.

Study of sequence variation by various technologies and for various applications.


Fields of Interest:

  • Genetics; Classical and Molecular Breeding.
  • Study of sequence variation by various technologies and for various applications.
Current Research Objectives:
  • Breeding of new mango cultivars.
  • Molecular study of the infection process of F. mangiferae causing the disease "flowering malformation" in mango.
  • Identification of date-palm genes controlling the generation of off-types..



A. Articles in Reviewed Journals (from 2003).

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B.     B. Reviews and Chapters in Books (from 1994).

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