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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Samuel Gan-Mor, D.Sc. (Retiree)
Units: Agricultural EngineeringSensing, Information and Mechanization Engineering
Research Interests / Job description  Latest Chapters In Blog
Tel:  03-9683649
Cell: 050-6220649
Email:    ganmor@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:ARO Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Address:ARO, The Institute of Agricultural Engineering.
POBox 6,
Bet Dagan, 50250

Director of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering

Research Interests / Job description
Spray and pollen deposition utilizing air assistance and electrostatics; Stresses and strains in dynamic contact problems and objects transport for viscoelastic, viscous and plastic materials; Utilization of contact problems solutions for agricultural processes: Spray droplets deposition, Pollen detachment and deposition, Bouncing of agricultural objects, Detachment of nymph and pupa, IPM using cooking oils as pesticide.


Recent Publications

Gan-Mor, S., R. Regev, A. Levi, D. Eshel, (2011). Adapted thermal imaging for the development of postharvest precision steam disinfection technology for carrots. Postharvest Biology and Technology 59 (2011).

Gan-Mor, S., A. Hetzroni,  Y. Elad,  B. Ronen,  A. Mizrach, (2012). Technical note: compact energy-saving emulsifier for on-site production of edible oil-based control agents. Transactions of the ASABE. 55(6): 2079-2085..

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, K. Ohaliav, (2012). The effect of air velocity and proximity on charging of spray from conventional nozzles. (In review).


Eshel, D., R. Regev and S. Gan-Mor (2009). Combining human- and environment-friendly methods to improve postharvest disease control synergistically. The 30th Congress of the Israeli Phytopatological Society, Rehovot and Phytoparasitica 37:272.

Gan-Mor, S., I. Smulevitch, Y. Greenshpon, B. Ronen and L. Rosenfeld, (2009). Development of automatic stabilizer and tracker to replace manual date spraying and pollinating at heights. The Annual Meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Section, Israel Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, Ma'ale Hachmisha, Israel.     

Gan-Mor, S., P. Weintraub, B. Ronen, Y. Argov, Y. Maoz, E. Adar and E. Palevsky, (2010). Electrostatic applicator for predators food deposition and the population augmented on pepper and avocado. The Association of Applied Biologists - International Advances in Pesticide Application 2010, Cambridge, UK.

Gan-Mor, S., S. Pivonia, A. Mizrach, B. Ronen and P. Weintraub, (2010).

         A new technology for application of freshly emulsified botanical pesticides.

         The Association of Applied Biologists - International Advances in Pesticide Application 2010, Cambridge, UK.

Gan-Mor, S., A. Mizrach, Y. Elad, B. Ronen, H. Egozi and P. Weintraub (2010). Development of on-site emulsifying device for production of cooking-oil-based pesticides. XVIIth World Congress of the CIGR and CSBE/SCGAB, Quebec City, Canada.

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen and K. Ohaliav (2010). Development of high level electrostatic charging air assisted sprayer utilizing conventional pressure nozzles. ISBN 13:978-2-85362-684-2.     AgEng 2010 International Conf. on Ag. Eng., Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Regev, R., S. Gan-Mor, A. Weisblum, Y. Afgin and D. Ben-Yakir (2011).

         Drag forces and suction for improved pest control in greenhouses and fields.

         The Annual meeting of the ISAE, Bet Dagan, Israel.

Ronen, B., S. Gan-Mor, K. Ohaliav and S. Elgazar (2011).

         Electrostatic charging of spray produced by conventional hydraulic nozzles.

         The Annual meeting of the ISAE, Bet Dagan, Israel.

Gan-Mor, S. (2011). Biofuels and edible pesticides - new technologies for friendly alternatives. The TSAE international conference on "Novelty, clean and sustainable". Pataya, Thailand.

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, R. Regev, E. Palevski, D. Eshel, (2012). Integration of Physical pest control and biopesticides in IPM. The Annual meeting of the ISAE, Agritech Intl. Exhabition, Israel.

Gan-Mor, S., R. Regev, A. Weisblum, Y. Afgin, D. Ben-Yakir (2012). Improved physical control of insects by combining air blowing and suction drag forces. CIGR- AgEng 2012 Meeting, Valencia, Spain.


Articles in Reviewed Journals

Gan-Mor, S., D. Nahir and B. Ronen (1983). Rapid-pack oscillating feeder for grapefruits. Transactions of the ASAE, 26(6): 1894 - 1896.

Nahir, D., S. Gan-Mor, I. Rylski and H. Frenkel (1984). Pollination of tomato flowers by a pulsating air jet. Transactions of the ASAE, 27(3): 894 - 896.

Gan-Mor, S., A. Wiseblum and R. Regev (1986). Separation of leaves from stems with a perforated rotating drum under suction. J. of Agricultural Engineering Research, 34:275 - 284.

Gan-Mor, S., A. Zacharin, N. Galili, R. Feller and E. Margolin (1986). Absorbing stone impact to enable separation from potatoes. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 29(6): 1526 - 1529.

Gan-Mor, S. and N. Galili (1987). Model for failure and plastic-flow in dynamic loading of spheres. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 30(5): 1506 - 1511.

Gan-Mor, S. and S. E. Law (1992). Frequency and phase-lag effects on transport of particulates by an AC electric field.

Transactions of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 28(2):317-323.

Gan-Mor, S. and A. Mizrach (1992). Analytical model for plastic impact of fruit on thin plate. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 35(6):1869-1872.

Gan-Mor, S., Y. Schwartz, A. Bechar, D. Eisikowitch and G. Manor (1995).Relevance of electrostatic forces in natural and artificial pollination. Canadian Agricultural Engineering, 37(3):189-194.

Gan-Mor, S., I. Kazaz, H. Beres, E. Presman, K. Rosenfeld and R. Shaked (1992).Comparing pollination techniques for greenhouse tomatoes. "Hassade" (Hebrew, English Abstr.), 73(3)266-269.

Joseph, S. and S. Gan-Mor (1993). Mechanization and work improvement in tomato greenhouses. "Hassade" (Hebrew, English Abstr.), 74(3)335-339.

Schwartz y., S. Gan-Mor, G. Manor and D. Eisikowitch (1993). A study on the electrostatic forces imposed by honeybee. "Alon Hanotea" (Hebrew) 47(10)480-484.

Joseph, S., S. Gan-Mor and I. Kazaz (1994). Development and testing of systems for treatments in tomato greenhouse. "Hassade" (Hebrew, English Abstr.) 74(6)627-630.

Beres H., S. Gan-Mor, A. Grinstein, Y. Riven, I. Zur and D. Nevo (1995). Air assisted sprayer for even pesticide deposition in dense canopy. "Hassade" (Hebrew) 75(12)85-88.

Gan-Mor, S., A. Grinstein, H. beres, Y. Riven and I. Zur (1996). Improved uniformity of spray deposition in a dense plant canopy: methods and equipment. Phytoparasitica 24(1):57-67.

Mizrach, A., N. Galili, S. Gan-Mor, U. Felitsanov and I. Prigojin (1996). Models of ultrasonic parameters to assess avocado properties and shelf life. J. of Agricultural Engineering Research, 65:261-267.

Bechar, A., S. Gan-Mor, Y. Vaknin, I. Shmulevich, B. Ronen and D. Eisikowitch (1997). An image analysis technique for accurate counting of pollen on stigmas. The new Phytologist - International J. of the Plant Science, 137(4):639-643.

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, S. Josef and Y. Bilanki (1997). Guidance of autonomous vehicle for greenhouse transportation. ACTA Horticulture No. 443:99-104.

Vaknin, Y., S. Gan-Mor, A. Bechar, B. Ronen and D. Eisikowitch (1999). Effect of desiccation and dilution on viability of almond pollen. The Journal of Horticultural science & Biotechnology, 74: 321-327.

Bechar, A., I. Shmulevich, D. Eisikowitch, Y. Vaknin, B. Ronen, S. Gan-Mor (1999).Modeling and experiment analysis of electrostatic date pollination. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers 42(6):1511-1516.(Received the "2000 ASAE Superior paper Award").

Gan-Mor, S., N. Galili (2000).Rheological model of a fruit collision with an elastic plate

J. of Agricultural Engineering Research, 75(2):139-147.

Ronen, B., S. Gan-mor, A. Bechar, Y. Vaknin and D. Eisikowitch (2000).Electrostatic pollination system for improving pistachio yield. Micun Vehandasa Bahaklaut (Hebrew). Vol. 12: 22-25.

Vaknin Y., S. Gan-Mor, A. Bechar, B. Ronen and D. Eisikowitch (2000). The role of electrostatics in pollination. Plant Systematic and Evolution. Vol. 222 (1-4): 133-142 (Invited paper).

Fenigstein A., Eliyaho, M., Gan-Mor, S., Veierov, D. (2001).Effect of five vegetable oils on the sweetpotato whitefly Bemisia tabaci. Phytoparasitica 29(3):197-206.

Vaknin Y., S. Gan-Mor, A. Bechar, B. Ronen and Eisikowitch, D. (2001). Improving pollination of almond (Amygdalus communis L.; Rosaceae) using electrostatic techniques. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. 76(2): 208-212.

Vaknin Y., Gan-Mor S., Bechar A, Ronen B, Eisikowitch D. (2001). Are flowers morphologically adapted to take advantage of electrostatic forces in pollination. New Phytologist. 152: 301-306.

Vaknin, Y., Gan-Mor S., Bechar A, Ronen B, Eisikowitch D. (2002). Effects of supplementary pollination on cropping success and fruit quality in pistachio. Plant Breeding 121(5): 451-455.

Gan-Mor S., A. Bechar, B. Ronen D. Eisikowitch and Y. Vaknin (2003). Electrostatic Pollen Applicator Development and Tests for Almond, Kiwi, Date and Pistachio - An Overview. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19(2):119-124.

Gan-Mor S., A. Bechar, B. Ronen D. Eisikowitch and Y. Vaknin  (2003). Improving Electrostatic Pollination inside Tree Canopy via Simulations and Field Tests. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers 46(3):839-843.

Gan-Mor, S. and G. A. Matthews, (2003). Review paper: Recent Developments in Sprayers for Application of Biopesticides - an Overview. Biosystems Engineering 84(2): 119-125. (Renowned by the journal: Amongst the 10 most downloaded papers of Biosystems Engineering for 2003).

Gan-mor S. (2005). Development of three sprayers for application of environmentally friendly pesticides. Annual Review of Agricultural Engineering - Polish Academy of Science Pabis S., R. Michalek, J. Haman, J. Pawlak Eds. 4(1)2005:291-296.

Ronen, B., S. yosef, A. Wisblum, O. Yekutieli, R. Amir, S. Gan-Mor. (2006). A system to improve harvest and conveyance of cucumbers in greenhouses.  Micun Vehandasa Bahaklaut 50(5): 28-32 (in Hebrew).

Gan-Mor, S., R. L. Clark, B. L. Upchurch. (2007).Implement lateral position accuracy under RTK-GPS tractor guidance.Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Elsevir Pub. Co. 59(1-2): 31-38.

Bechar, A., S. Gan-Mor, B. Ronen. (2008). A method for increasing the electrostatic deposition of pollen and powder. Journal of Electrostatics 66(7+8):375-380

Eshel, D., R. Regev, J. Orenstein, S. Droby, S. Gan-Mor. (2009). Combining physical, chemical and biological methods for synergistic control of postharvest diseases: a case study of Black Root Rot of carrot. Postharvest Biology and Technology 54: 48-52.

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, Y. Vaknin Y. Glik, Y. Samocha, D. Eisikowitch. (2009). Further Studies on Electrostatic Date Pollination - from the Laboratory Bench to Field Unit Performance Test. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 25(5): 643-646.


Patents and Innovations

Nahir, D. and S. Gan-Mor. Method and device for controlling the direction and speed of conveyance of bodies along a vibrating surface. Israel Patent No. 52189 (1979).

Nahir, D., S. Gan-Mor and B. Ronen. Apparatus and method for harvesting onion. Israel Patent No. 63505 (1983).

Gan-Mor, S. System and method for separating agricultural products by vacuum and acceleration. Israel Patent No. 69707 (1987).

Feller, R., S. Gan-Mor, A. Zacharin and E. Margolin. Apparatus for separating agricultural produce from spurious matter. Israel Patent No. 74885 (1987), USA Patent No. 4,744,470 (1988), European Patent No. 86300820.7 (1992).

Gan-Mor, S., D. Nahir and B. Ronen. Apparatus and method for imparting motion to growing plants. United Kingdom Patent No. 8330538 (1987).

Gan-Mor, S., I. Kazaz. Automatic guidance system and guidance apparatus. Israel Patent Pending No. 103221 (1992), France Patent Pending No. 94-09618 (1994), US Patent Pending No. 08/338.688 (1994), Netherlands Patent Pending No. 94,01350 (1994), Belgium Patent Pending No. 09400711 (1994).

Gan-Mor, S., A. Grinstein and Y. Riven. A method for spraying field crops and apparatus using same. Israel Patent Pending No. 125879 (1998).

Gan-Mor, S., A. Grinstein, H. Beres and Y. Riven. Apparatus for spraying field crops. Israel Patent No. 112599 (2000).

Gan-Mor, S., D. Eisikowitch, B. Ronen, A. Bechar, and Y. Vaknin.Device for performing electrostatic pollination.    Israel Patent No. 137222 (2007).

Gan-Mor, S., O. Juran. Agricultural produce separator. U.S. Patent No. 7,584,859 (2009).

Gan-Mor, S., Y. Grinshpon, Y. Glik, B. Ronen, L. Rosenfeld, (2008)Automatic stabilized system for precision tasks at heights. US Patent Application No. 61/064,104

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, E. Palevski (2008). (pollen feeding) A device and a method for pollen application for enhancing biological control. US patent application No. 61/129,586

Gan-Mor, S., B. Ronen, (2009). Method and device for on-the-spot preparation of emulsions for agricultural use US patent application No. 61/173227

Gan-Mor, S., R. Regev, J. Orenstein, A. Levi, S. Droby, D. Eshel, 2009. Method and apparatus for the post-harvest treatment of agricultural products Israel Patent Application No. 196828.


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