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Name: Michael Morozov, M.Sc. (Engineer/Technician)
Units: Plant SciencesFruit Tree Sciences
Email:    morozov@volcani.agri.gov.il

Senior Research coordinator 


• Abekasis, D., Sadka, A., Rokach, L., Shiff, S., Morozov, M., Kamara, I. and Paz-Kagan, T., (2023). Explainable machine learning for revealing causes of citrus fruit cracking on a regional scale. Precision Agriculture, pp.1-25.

• Haim, D., Shalom, L., Simhon, Y., Shlizerman, L., Kamara, I., Morozov, M., Albacete, A., Rivero, R.M. and Sadka, A., (2021). Alternate bearing in fruit trees: fruit presence induces polar auxin transport in citrus and olive stem and represses IAA release from the bud. Journal of Experimental Botany, 72(7), pp.2450-2462.

• Dovjek, I., Nemera, D.B., Wachsmann, Y., Shlizerman, L., Ratner, K., Kamara, I., Morozov, M., Charuvi, D., Shahak, Y., Cohen, S. and Sadka, A. (2020). Top netting as a practical tool to mitigate the effect of climate change and induce productivity in citrus: summary of experiments using photo-selective nets. Acta Hortic. 1268, 265-270

• Nissan, G., Gershovits, M., Morozov, M., Chalupowicz, L., Sessa, G., Manulis-Sasson, S., Barash, I. and Pupko, T. (2018), Revealing the inventory of type III effectors in Pantoea agglomerans gall-forming pathovars using draft genome sequences and a machine-learning approach. Molecular Plant Pathology (2018) 19(2), 381-392.

• Yakir Vaknin, Yana Shadkchan, Emma Levdansky, Michael Morozov, Jacob Romano, Nir Osherov (2014) The three Aspergillus fumigatus CFEM-domain GPI-anchored proteins (CfmA-C) affect cell-wall stability but do not play a role in fungal virulence. Fungal Genetics and Biology 63 (2014) 55-64.

• Cardiovascular Diseases, Nutritional and Therapeutic Interventions, Nilanjana Maulik Ph. D., CRC Press (2013), Pages 211-232. Edith Hochhauser, Michael Morozov and Michael Arad. Chapter 12. Diabetes-Associated Cardiomyopathy and Cell Therapy


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