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Name: Daphna Gottlieb, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Food Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  039683587
Cell: 0506841149
Email:  gottlieb.daphna@gmail.com  dafnag@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Granary building, 1st floor
Address:Gottlieb Daphna
Department of Food Quality & safety
Institute for Post-harvest and Food Sciences
The Volcani Center, ARO
Derech HaMaccabim Road 68, POB 15159,
Rishon-LeZion 7528809, Israel

Behavioural ecologist of post harvest Insects from genome to society

Research Interests / Job description
1.Climate change and its implications on stored food grains.
2.Insect clocks: Implication in an integrated grain store pest management.

1. Climate change and its implications on stored food grains- One of the most prominent effects on insects' success in grain storages is temperature. This work examines the possible significant interactions in the storage and their character (negative or positives) in light of future climate changes.

2. Insect clocks: Implication in an integrated grain store pest management- In order for organisms to perform optimally, they need to organize their daily activities and physiology around the perpetuating day-night cycles that exist on Earth. Organisms are adapted to anticipate daily environmental cycles and govern these roughly 24-hour rhythms by a circadian clock system. We study clock-driven behavioral physiological and genomic processes that might be considered as sensitive targets for developing various effective strategies of pest control in storage insects.Articles in Reviewed Journals

Gottlieb D., A. Shmida, U. Motro and T. Keasar. 2005. The early bee gets the nectar: Possible foraging benefits of bimodal daily activity in Proxylocopa olivieri (Lepeletier). Environmental Entomology, 34(2): 417- 424.

Gottlieb D., J. Holzman, Y. Lubin, A. Bouskila, S. Kelley and A. Harari. 2009. Mate availability contributes to maintain the mixed-mating system in a scolytid beetle. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 22(7): 1526- 1534.

Holzman J. P., A. J. Bohonak, L. R. Kirkendall, D. Gottlieb, A. R. Harari, S. T. Kelley. 2009. Inbreeding variability and population structure in the invasive haplodiploid palm-seed borer Coccotrypes dactyliperda in California. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 22(12): 1076-1087.

Gottlieb D., Y. Lubin, A. Bouskila, D. Gordon and A. R. Harari, 2010. Time limitation affects offspring traits and female's fitness through maternal oviposition behaviour, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 102(4): 728-736.

Gottlieb D., A. Bouskila, G. Sitkov-Sharon, Y. Lubin and A. R. Harari. 2010. Female palm stone borer beetles adjust their sex ratio according to relatedness of female neighbors. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 12: 1- 12.

Gottlieb D., B. Phillips, A. Sandova-Franks and N.R. Franks. 2013. Ants deprived of food increase both their social and individual information acquisition. Animal behaviour, 85: 1479-1484.

Gottlieb D., Y. Lubin and A. R. Harari. 2014. The effect of female mating status on male offspring traits. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, 68: 701-710.

Sttutard J.,* Gottlieb, D.* and N.R. Franks. 2016. Ants Incommunicado: Adaptive decision-making by ants with reduced communication. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, 70: 145-155. (*equal contribution).

Gottlieb, D., Inbar, M., Lombrozo, R. and Ben-Ari, M., 2017. Lines, loops and spirals: an intraclonal continuum of host location behaviours in walking aphids. Animal Behaviour, 128:5-11.




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