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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Jakob Shimshoni, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Food Science
Research Interests / Job description  Latest Chapters In Blog
Tel:   03-9683706
Cell: 0506243961
Email:    jakobs@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Department of Food Quality & Safety Institute for Postharvest and Food Sciences Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center

Research Scientist in the field of  food safety

Jakob Shimshoni on ResearchGate

Research Interests / Job description
Research Interests
1. Analytical toxicology of food commodities
2. Application of chemometrics in food safety
3. Toxicokinetics of xenobiotics
4. Postharvest of Cannabis

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
1. Eyal, S.; Yagen, B.; Shimshoni, J. A.S; Bialer, M. (2005). Histone deacetylases inhibition and tumor cells cytotoxicity by CNS-active VPA constitutional isomers and derivatives. Biochem.Pharmacol. 69: 1501-1508. IF = 4.650; Category: Pharmacology; Rank 25/256

2. Winkler, I.; Blotnik, S.; Shimshoni, J. A. S; Yagen, B.; Devor M.; Bialer.M. (2005). Efficacy of antiepileptic isomers of valproic acid and valpromide in a rat model of neuropathic pain.Br. J. Pharmacol. 146: 198-208. IF = 4.99; Category: Pharmacology; Rank 21/256

3. Shimshoni, J. A. S; Emma, D. C.; Jenkins, A.; Eyal, S.; Ewan, K.; Williams, E. R.; Pessah, N.; Yagen, B.; Harwood, A.; Bialer, M. (2007). The effects of CNS-active valproic acid constitutional isomers, cyclopropyl analogues and amide derivatives on neuronal growth cone behaviour. Mol. Pharmacol. 71: 884-892. IF = 4.12; Category: Pharmacology; Rank 34/256

4. Shimshoni, J. A. S; Bialer,M.; Wlodarczyk, B.; Finnell, R. H.; Yagen, B. (2007). Potent anticonvulsant urea derivatives of constitutional isomers of valproic acid. J. Med. Chem. 50: 6419- 6427. IF = 5.48; Category: Medicinal Chemistry; Rank 3/58

5. Shimshoni, J. A. S; Yagen,B.; Wlodarczyk, B.; Finnell, R. H.; Bialer, M. (2008). Anticonvulsant profile and teratogenicity of 3,3-dimethylbutanoylurea: A potential for a second generation drug to valproic acid. Epilepsia 49: 1202-1212. IF = 4.584; Category: Clinical Neurology; Rank 26/194

6. Shimshoni, J. A.S; Bialer, M.; Yagen, B. (2008).Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of aromatic tetramethylcyclopropanecarboxamidederivatives. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 16: 6297-6305. IF = 2.951; Category: Medicinal Chemistry; Rank 21/58

7. Okada, A.; Onishi, Y.; Yagen, B.; Shimshoni, J. A.S; Kaufmann, D.; Bialer, M.; Fujiwara, M. (2008). Tetramethylcyclopropyl analogue of the leading antiepileptic drug, valproic acid: Evaluation of the teratogenic effects of its amide derivatives in NMRI mice. Birth Defects Res. A Clin. Mol. Teratol. 82: 610-621. IF = 2.211; Category: Toxicology; Rank 48/87

8. Shimshoni, J. A.S; Dalton, E. C.; Ewan, K.; Yagen, B.; Bialer, M.; Harwood, A. J. (2009).Evaluation of the effects of propylisopropylacetic acid (PIA) on neuronal growth cone morphology.Neuropharmacology 56: 831-837. IF = 4.819; Category: Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Rank 23/256
9. Shimshoni, J. A.S; Yagen, B.; Wlodarczyk, B.; Finnell, R. H.; Schurig, V.; Bialer, M. (2009). Evaluation of stereoselective anticonvulsant, teratogenic and pharmacokinetic profile of valnoctylurea (Capuride): A chiral stereoisomer of valproic acid urea derivative. Epilepsia 51: 323-332. IF = 4.584; Category: Clinical Neurology; Rank 26/194

10. Okada, A.; Onishi, Y.; Yagen, B.; Shimshoni, J. A.S; Bialer, M.; Fujiwara, M. (2009).Teratogenic evaluation of new acylurea derivatives of valproic acid, a leading antiepileptic drug, in NMRI mice. Birth Defects Res. A Clin. Mol. Teratol.86: 394-401. IF = 2.211; Category: Toxicology; Rank 48/87

11. Kaufmann, D.; Bialer, M.; Shimshoni, J. A. S; Devor, M.; Yagen, B. (2009).Synthesis and evaluation of antiallodynic and anticonvulsant activity of novel amide and urea derivatives of valproic acid analogues. J. Med. Chem. 26: 7236-7248. IF = 5.48; Category: Medicinal Chemistry; Rank 3/58

12. Amori, J. K.; Muller, C. H.; Shimshoni, J. A.PD; Isoherranen, N.; Paik, J.; Moreb, J.; Amory J. D. W.; Eyanoff, R.; Goldstein, A.; Griswold, M. D. (2010).Suppression of spermatogenesis by WIN 18,446 is mediated by inhibition of testicular retinoic acid biosynthesis. J. Androl. 32: 111-119. IF = 1.694; Category: Andrology; Rank 4/7
13. Shimshoni, J. A.PD; Basselin, M.; Li,L. O.; Coleman, R. A.; Rapoport, S. I.; Modi, H. R. (2011).Valproate uncompetitively inhibits arachidonic acid acylation by rat acyl-CoA synthetase 4: Relevance to VPA efficacy against bipolar disorder. Biochim Biophys Acta- Mol. Cell Biol. Lipids 1811:163-169. IF = 4.495; Category: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Rank 69/291

14. Thatcher, J. E; Buttrick, B.; Shaffer, S. A; Shimshoni, J. A.PD; Goodlett, D. R; Nelson, W. L.; Isoherranen, N. (2011).Substrate specificity and ligand interactions of CYP26A1, the human liver retinoic acid hydroxylase. Mol. Pharm. 80: 228-239. IF = 4.12; Category: Pharmacology; Rank 34/256

15. Chang, P.; Orabi, B.; Deranieh, R. M.; Dham, M.; Hoeller, O.; Shimshoni, J. A.S; Yagen, B.; Bialer, M.; Greenberg, M. L.; Walker, M. C.; Williams, R. S. (2011). The antiepileptic drug valproic acid and other medium-chain fatty acids acutely reduce phosphoinositide levels independently of inositol in Dictyostelium.Dis. Model Mech. 5: 115-124. IF = 5.537; Category: Cell Biology; Rank 44/185

16. Pessah, N.; Yagen, B.; Hen, N.; Shimshoni, J. A.S; Wlodarczyk, B.; Finnell, R. H.; Bialer, M. (2011). Design and pharmacological activity of glycinamide and N-methoxy amide derivatives of analogs and constitutional isomers of valproic acid. Epilepsy Behav. 22: 461-468. IF = 2.061; Category: Clinical Neurology; Rank 104/194

17. Shimshoni, J. A.PD; Scian, M.; Roberts, A. G.; Nelson, W.; Isoherranen, N. (2012). Stereospecificity of CYP26A1: Synthesis, absolute configuration and enantioselective formation of 4-OH-retinoic acid enantiomers. J. Biol. Chem. 287: 42223-42232. IF = 4.6; Category: Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology; Rank 65/291

18. Shimshoni, J. A.PI; Evgeny, E.; Lublin, A.; Cuneah, O.; King, R.; Horowitz, I.; Shlosberg A. (2012). Determination of Brain Cholinesterase Activity in Normal and Pesticide Exposed Wild Birds in Israel. J. Isr. Vet. Med. 67, 214-219. IF = 0.3; Category: Veterinary Medicine; Ranking is not available.

19. Britzi, M.; Friedman, S.; Miron, J.; Solomon, R.; Cuneah, O.; Shimshoni, J.A.C; Soback, S., Ashkenazi, R, Armer S ; Shlosberg, A. (2013). Carry-over of Aflatoxin B1 to Aflatoxin M1 in High Yielding Israeli Cows in Mid- and Late-Lactation. Toxins 5: 173-183. IF = 2.48; Category: Toxicology; Rank 43/87

20. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Cuneah, O.; Sulyok, M.; Krska, R.; Galon, N.; Sharir, B.; Shlosberg, A.(2013). Mycotoxins in Corn and Wheat Silage in Israel. Food Addit. Contam. Part A 30: 1614-1625. IF = 2.341; Category: Toxicology; Rank 45/87

21. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Soback., S.; Cuneah, O.; Shlosberg, A.; Britzi, M. (2013). New validated multiresidue analysis of six 4-hydroxy-coumarin anticoagulant rodenticides in hen eggs. J. Vet. Diagn. Invest. 25: 736-743. IF = 1.232; Category: Veterinary Sciences; Rank 39/132

22. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Erster, O.; Rot, A.; Cuneah, O.; Soback, S.; Shkap, V. (2013). Cuticular fatty acid profile analysis of three Rhipicephalus tick species (Acari: Ixodidae). Exp. Appl. Acarol. 61: 481-489. IF = 1.821; Category: Entomology; Rank 17/90

23. Shimshoni,J.A.PI; Britzi, M.; Pozzi, S. P.; Edery, N.; Berkowitz, A.; Bouznach, A.; Cuneah, O.; Soback, S.; Bellaiche, M.; Younis, A.; Blech, E.; Oren, P.; Galon, N.; Shlosberg, A.; Perl, S. (2014). Acute Maduramicin Toxicosis in Pregnant Gilts. Food Chem. Toxicol. 68: 283-289. IF = 2.610; Category: Toxicology; Rank 34/87

24. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Erster, O.; Rot, A.; Cuneah, O.; Soback, S.; Shkap, V. (2013). Fingerprint Profile of Cuticular Fatty Acids in three adult Rhipicephalus Ticks: A New Tool for Identification. J. Isr. Vet. Med. 68: 203-208. IF = 0.3; Category: Veterinary Medicine; Ranking is not available.

25. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Britzi, M.; Sobol, E.; Willenz, U.; Nutt, D.; Edery, N. (2015). 3-Methyl-methcathinone: pharmacokinetic profile evaluation in pigs in relation to pharmacodynamics. J. Psychopharmacol, 29: 734-743. IF = 3.396; Category: Pharmacology and Pharmacy; Rank 60/256

26. Shimshoni J.A.PI; Mulder, P.P.J.; Bouznach, A.; Edery, N.; Pasval, I.; Barel, S.; Abd-El Khaliq, M.; Perl, S. (2015). Heliotropium europaeum poisoning in cattle and of its pyrrolizidine alkaloid profile. J. Agric Food Chem. 63: 1664-1672. IF = 3.107; Category: Agriculture, Multidisciplinary; Rank 2/56

27. Klainbart, S.; Merbl, Y.; Kelmer,E.; Cuneah, O.; Shimshoni, J.A.PI (2014). Bifenthrin toxicity in a dog. Ann. Clin. Path. 2: 1030-1034. IF not available; Category: Toxicology; Rank not available

28. Topletz, A.R.; Tripathy, S.; Foti, R.S.; Shimshoni J.A.PD; Nelson, W.L.; Isoherranen, N. (2014). Induction of CYP26A1 by Metabolites of Retinoic Acid: Evidence that CYP26A1 is an Important Enzyme in the Elimination of Active Retinoids. Mol Pharmacol. 87: 430-441. IF = 4.12; Category: Pharmacology; Rank 34/256

29. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Duebecke, A.; Mulder, P.P.J.; Cuneah, O.; Barel, S. (2015). Pyrrolizidine and tropane alkaloids in teas and the herbal teas peppermint, rooibos and chamomile in the Israeli market. Food Addit. Contam. Part A 32: 2058-2067. IF = 2.341, Category: Toxicology; Rank 45/87

30. Klainbart, S.; Merbl, Y.; Kelmer,E.; Cuneah, O.; Edery, N.; Shimshoni, J.A.PI (2014). Tremor-salivation syndrome in canine following pyrethroid/permethrin intoxication. Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta 5: 1-3. IF = 1.8, Category: Toxicology.

31. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Barel, S. (2016). The new Israeli feed safety law: challenges in relation to animal and public health. J. Sci. Food Agric. 97: 1073-1083. IF = 2.076, Category: Agriculture, Multidisciplinary; Rank 6/57.

32. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Winkler, I.; Golan, E.; Nutt, D. (2016). Neurochemical binding profiles of novel indole and benzofuran MDMA analogues. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 390: 15-24. IF = 2.37; Category: Toxicology.

33. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Cuneah, O.; Sulyok, M.; Krska, R.; Sionov, E.; Oren, P.; Barel, S.; Meller Harel Y. (2017). Occurrence of sorghum ergot Claviceps africana and ergot alkaloids and other mycotoxins in Israeli sorghum silages. Food Chem. 219: 459-467. IF = 4.052; Category: Toxicology; Rank 34/87

34. Barel, S.; Elad, D.; Cuneah, O.; Massrwa, M.; Shimshoni, J.A.PI (2016). Common feed and animal derived food contaminants in Israel. Israel J Vet Med. 71: 3-13. IF not available; Category: Veterinary Medicine; Rank: not available

35. Fu, P. P.; Xia, Q.; Jiang, X.; He, X.; Edery, N.; Beland, F.A.; Perl, S.; Shimshoni, J. A. PI (2017). Detection of pyrrolizidine alkaloid DNA adducts in livers of cattle poisoned with Heliotropium europaeum. Chem Res Toxicol. 30: 851-858. IF = 3.52, Category: Toxicology; Rank 18/87

36. Shimshoni, J.A.PI; Winkler, I.; Edery, N.; Golan, E.; van Wettum, R.; Nutt, D. (2017). Toxicological evaluation of 5-methoxy-2-aminoindane (MEAI): Binge mitigating agent in development. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 15: 59-68. IF = 3.84; Category: Toxicology; Rank 13/87

Articles in Non-Peer-Reviewed Journals in Hebrew and English
Barel S.; Shimshoni J.A.PI (2015). Acute Maduramicin (Cygro) Intoxication: Ionophore Toxicosis in Pregnant Gilts. Feedinfo News Service, January 2015. Available from URL: http://www.feedinfo.com

Bialer, M.; Yagen, B.; Shimshoni J. A. (2008). Acyl-urea derivatives and uses thereof. Publication number: US8846903 B2.

Research Interests
1. Analytical toxicology in food commodities and biological matrices

2. Bio-monitoring of pesticides, metabolites and bio- markers in biological samples

3. Toxicokinetics of pesticides

4. Male reproductive toxicology of herbicides

5. Risk Assessment of pesticides
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