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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Lior Blank, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant ProtectionPlant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683581
Cell: 050-6220582
Email:    liorb@volcani.agri.gov.il
Address:Department of Plant Pathology and Weed Research
ARO, Volcani Center
Bet Dagan 50250, Israel


Research Interests / Job description
Spatial distribution of pests, pathogens and weeds in agricultural crops

Lab website




Blank L and Mesgaran M (2024). Broadening the scope of weed research: integrating ecological theories to propel weed management. Weed Research

Gafni R, Abu Nassar J, Matzrafi M, Blank L and Eizenberg H (2024). Unraveling the reasons for failure to control Amaranthus albus: Insights into herbicide application at different growth stages, temperature effect, and herbicide resistance on a regional scale. Pest Management Science

Gafni R, Blank L and Eizenberg H (2024). Variability in germination fractions of Amaranthus albus in response to weed management and abiotic maternal conditions. European Journal of Agronomy

Blank L, Rozenberg G, and Gafni R (2023). Spatial and temporal aspects of weeds distribution within agricultural fields- a review. Crop Protection 172: 106300

Rozenberg G, Dias  JLCS, Anderson WM, Sellers BA, Boughton RK, Piccolo MB, and Blank L (2023). Using a low-cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for mapping Giant smutgrass in Bahiagrass Pastures. Precision Agriculture 24: 971-985

Krasnov H, Ezra D, Bahri BA, Cacciola SO, Meparishvili G, Migheli Q, and Blank L (2023). Potential distribution of the citrus Mal Secco disease in the Mediterranean basin under current and future climate conditions. Plant Pathology 72: 765-773

Gafni R, Ziv GA, Eizenberg H and Blank L (2023). A regional-scale study of the contribution of local, management and climate factors to the infestation of processing tomato fields with Amaranthus species. European Journal of Agronomy 143: 126722

Zecharia N, Krasnov H, Vanunu M, Castillo A, Siri AC, Haberman A, Dror O, Vakel L, Almeida RPP, Blank L, Shtienberg D and Bahar O (2022). Xylella fastidiosa outbreak in Israel: population genetics, host range and temporal and spatial distribution analysis. Phytopathology 112: 2296-2309

Blank L, Ezra D, Fooks J, Shulhani R, Krasnov H and Shtienberg D (2023). Within orchard spatial distribution of mature avocado trees mortality. Phytoparasitica 51: 131-139

Krasnov H, Cohen Y, Goldshtein E, Ovadia S, Sharon R, Harari AR and Blank L (2021). Inconsistent effects of local and landscape factors on two key pests in Israeli vineyards. Journal of Applied Entomology 145: 900-910

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Tsror L, Lebiush S, Hazanovsky M, Erlich O and Blank L (2020). Aerial dispersal of Spongospora subterranea sp. f. subterranea, the causal agent of potato powdery scab. European Journal of Plant Pathology 158: 391-401

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Marmen S, Blank L, Al-Ashhab A, Malik A, Ganzert L, Lalzar L, Grossart HP and Sher DJ (2020). The role of land use types and water chemical properties in structuring the microbiomes of a connected lake system. Frontiers in Microbiology 11: 89

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