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Publications (selected since 2000)
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Publications (selected since 2000)


Sela, S., R. Neeman, N. Keller, A. Barzilai. (2000). Relationship between asymptomatic carriage of Streptococcus pyogenes and ability of the strains to adhere and internalise cultured epithelial cells. Med Microbiol 49:499-502.

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Nahary, L., A. Tamarkin, N. Kayam, S. Sela, L. Fry, B. Baker, A. Powles, S. Rogers, and I. Benhar. (2008). An Investigation of Anti Streptococcal Antibody Responses in Guttate Psoriasis. Archives Dermatol Res.  300:441-449.

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Gorbatsevich, E., Sela (Saldinger), S., Pinto, R., & Bernstein, N. (2013). Root internalization, transport and in‐planta survival of Salmonella enterica serovar Newport in sweet‐basil. Env. Microbiol. Rep. 5:151–159.

Kroupitski, Y., Brandl, M. T., Pinto, R., Belausov, E., Tamir-Ariel, D., Burdman, S., and Sela (Saldinger), S. 2013. Identification of Salmonella enterica genes with a role in persistence on lettuce leaves during cold-storage by Recombinase-based In Vivo Expression Technology. Phytopathology. 103:362-372.

Articles in Hebrew

Weinberg, Z. G., G. Ashbell, Y. Chen, M. Gamburg, S. Sela. (2005). Salmonella and E. coli in sewage irrigated forage crops. Meshek Habakar Vehachalav 316:33-35.

Sela, S. (2006). Biofilms and microbial safety of fresh-produce. Haklae Israel 26:54-58.

Sela., S., N. Bernstein, R. Pinto, S. Lavon-Neder (2006). Effluent irrigation and safety of fresh produc e. Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the Israeli Society of Soil Science. Interactions between effluents, soil, plant, water and environment. pp. 14-17.

Sela., S., N. Bernstein, R. Pinto (2007). Can foodborne pathogen enter from soil solution into the plant via the root system? Maim Vehashkaya 493:26-31.

Sela., S., N. Bernstein, R. Pinto (2008).  New insight into microbial safety of fresh produce. Alon Hanotea 62:695-698.

Sela, S. (2009). Salmonella in vegetables. Sade-Vayerek (Field & Vegetables) 9:15-20.

Chapters in Books

Tsarfaty I., R.T. Altstock, L. Mittelman, H. Sandovsky-Losica, J. Jadoun, I. Fabian, E.Segal, and S. Sela. (1999).

         Confocal Microscopy in the study of the interactions between microorganisms and cells. In: Microbial ecology and infectious disease. (E. Rosenberg, ed). pp. 75-88.  Washington, D.C., American Society for Microbiology, Washington D.C.

Weinberg, Z. G., S. Sela, Y. Chen, and R. Pinto. (2007).

         The safety and hygiene of sewage irrigated forage crops – summary of research in Israel. In: Current topics on Bioprocesses in Food Industry (Vol II). (A. Koutinas, A. Pandey, and C. Larroche, eds), pp. 72-77. Asiatech Publishers, Inc. New Delhi, India.

Sela, S. and E. Fallik. (2009).

         Microbial Quality and Safety of Fresh Produce. In: “Postharvest Handling: A Systems Approach”, (Wojciech J. Florkowski, Robert L. Shewfelt, Bernhard Brueckner and Stanley E. Prussia, (eds). Elsevier. Oxford:Academic Press., pp. 351-398.

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