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Conference Participation:

1.) Graber, E.R. (2009) Biochar for 21st century challenges: Carbon sink, energy source and soil conditioner. Conference Proceedings, Dahlia Gredinger International Symposium, Haifa, May 2009.
2.) Graber, E.R. and Hadas, E. (2009) Potential energy generation and carbon savings from waste biomass pyrolysis in Israel. North American Biochar Conference 2009, Colorado, August 9-12, 2009.
3.) Y. Elad, D. Rav-David, E. Cytryn, M. Borenstein, O. Agra, H. Ben Kalifa, Y. Meller Harel, R. Shulchani, L. Tchansky, A. Silber, and E.R. Graber  (2010) Biochar induces systemic resistance to disease in plants. 31st Meeting of the Israel Society of Phytopathology, Bet Dagan, Israel, Feb 8-9, 2010. 
4.) E. Cytryn, Y. Elad, M. Koltan, L. Kautsky, M. Ofek, Y. Meller-Harel, D. Rav David, A. Silber, and E.R. Graber (2010) Biochar Amendment: Environmentally-Friendly Solutions for Augmentation of Beneficial Microbial Processes in Soil. Israel Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting. February 15-16, 2009, Givat Shmuel, Israel.
5.) Meller Harel, Y., Elad, Y., Rav-David, D., Cytryn, E., Borenstein, M., Agra, O., Ben Kalifa, H., Shulchani, R., Tchansky, L., Silber, A., and Graber, E. R. (2010) Induced systemic resistance to disease in plants by biochar. IOBC/WPRS Phytopathogens WG Meeting on Climate Change: Challenge or Threat to Biocontrol?, Graz, Austria, June 7-10, 2010.
6.) Graber, E.R., Y. Elad, A. Silber, Y. Meller Harel, E. Cytryn, M. Kolton, D. Rav-David, M. Borenstein, O. Agra, H. Ben Kalifa, R. Shulchani, L. Tchansky (2010). Biochar promotes plant performance and induces systemic resistance to disease. Biochar2010: US Biochar Initiative Conference, Iowa, June 27-30, 2010.
7.) Graber, E.R., Silber, A., Khanukov, J., Oka, Y. (2010) Sorption, volatilization and efficacy of a soil fumigant, 1,3-dichloropropene, in biochar-amended soil. Biochar2010: US Biochar Initiative Conference, Iowa, June 27-30, 2010.
8.) M. Kolton, Y. Elad, E.R. Graber, Y. Meller-Harel, D. Rav David, A. Silber, and E. Cytryn, BIOCHAR Soil Amendment: Pinpointing Microbial Elicitors of Induced Systemic Plant Resistance (2010). International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (ISME), Seattle, USA, August 22-29, 2010.

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