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EPAMic Members

Noam Alkan

Research interests: Fruits stem-end-rot microbiome, Plant-fungi interaction, Biocontrol of plant pathogens.
Methods used: Classical phytopathology, Postharvest physiology, Microbiome, Transcriptome

Ofir Bahar

Research interests: Molecular plant-microbe interactions, insect-transmitted bacterial diseases, plant immunity, bacterial outer membrane vesicles.
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology and phytobacteriology", insect rearing, protein expression, purification and protein-protein interactions, transcriptomics, qPCR, ROS burst, bacteria and plant transformation

Michael Ben-Yosef

Research interests: We examine how gut microbes contribute to insect phenotypes of agricultural importance (e.g. host plant utilization, resistance to abiotic stress and insecticides).
Methods used: Our work combines insect bioassays with NGS community sequencing, molecular and classic microbiology and biochemical analyses.

Sigal Brown Miyara

Research interests: Plant-nematode interaction and communication, Nematodes populations study, Biocontrol of plant parasitic nematodes, Applied Nematology.
Method used: "Classical Nematology", Plant - nematode molecular biology, transcriptome analysis

Eddie Cytrynphoto

Research interests: Environmental microbiology, antibiotic resistance in agro-environments and plant root-bacterial interactions.
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology", Metagenome and Metatranscriptome of the microbiome

Aviv Dombrovskyphoto

Research interests: Transmission/spreading and management of plant viruses, Virus vector interactions, Aphid-pathogenic viruses.
Methods used: Classical virology, plant Virome, various diagnostic methods for plant and insect viruses, transmission of plant viruses with insect vectors.

Evgenia Dor

Research interests: Plant-Microbe interaction, Biocontrol of plant pathogens, Environmental microbiology
Methods used: Classical Microbiology and phytopathology, DNA and RNA microbiome studies (Metagenome and Metatranscriptome), microbiome mutagenesis and plant transformation.

Yigal Elad


Research interests: Biological and low input management of plant diseases, microbial interactions, induced resistance, physiology of diseased plants, integrated pest management.

Methods used: Classical plant pathology and microbiology, host physiology reactions.

Dani Eshel

Research interests: Postharvest physiology and pathology of root vegetables; Combining environment friendly methods to synergistically improve postharvest disease control.
Methods used: Host physiology study, microbiology, postharvest microbiome, genomes editing, protein-protein interaction and histology.

David Ezra

Research interests:Plant pathology, Plant-Microbe interaction, Biocontrol of plant pathogens by endophytes and their secondary metabolites (volatiles and non-volatiles).
Methods used:"Classical Microbiology", "classical phytopathology" Next generation sequencing, extractions of secondary metabolites from fungi, their isolation and identification by various methods ( HPLC, affinity columns and more)
Stanley Freeman
Research interests: Diagnostics, phylogenetics and host fungal pathogen interactions; fungal symbionts for biocontrol; epidemiology and control of fungal pathogens; Ambrosia beetle and fungal symbionts.
Methods used: "Classical morphology", molecular sequencing and genomic comparisons

Omer Frenkel

Research interests: Population biology of plant pathogens, epidemiology and ecology of soil borne pathogen; Biocontrol of soil borne pathogens.
Methods used: "Classical phytopathology", population biology and population genetics tools

Amit Gal-Onphoto

Research interests: Molecular plant-virus interactions, virus resistance, RNA silencing and plant immunity.
Methods used: Classical plant virology, RISPR/Cas9 systems for editing, qRT-PCR, small RNA library preparation illumina, plant transformation.

Abraham GamlielGamliel's photo

Research interests: Soilborne pathogens, Mycotoxin production, pest management Biocontrol of plant pathogens.
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology and plant pathology"

Murad Ghanim

Research interests: Bacterial endosymbionts in insects and their function in pathogen transmission and biology of their hosts.
Methods used: Classical Entomology, Transcriptomics, Pathogen-Vector-Endosymbiont Interactions.

Itamar Glazer

Research interests: Microbial control of pests (Nematodes, Bacteria, Fungi), Tri-trophic interaction (bacterium-nematode-insect), environmental effect on microbial control agents.
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology", transcriptome analysis, biological assays.

Ellen R. Graber

Research interests: Multi-faceted and cross-disciplinary research in agriculture and the environment, mechanisms responsible for plant growth promotion and plant resistance to disease and abiotic stresses under biochar addition.
Methods used: chemical speciation and characterization methods including various chromatographic/mass spectroscopic methods, bioassays, other.

Elie Jami

Research interests: Rumen microbiome, Eukaryome, Rumen protozoa, methane emission.
Methods used: Anaerobic microbiology, Microbiome, Metagenome, Bioinformatics.
Maya Kleiman

Research interests: Plant environment interactions with emphasis on the role of physical properties, specifically microstructure on these interactions.
Methods used: Building and designing synthetic systems to isolate the effect of specific physical properties in plant-environment interactions.

Iftach Klapp

Research interests: Model based design of sensors and sensing methods in imaging and spectroscopy, where signal stability, resolution, and sensing rate, are the bottle neck.
Methods used: Research incorporates optical design with signal processing.

Yael Laor

Research interests: Composting of agricultural wastes, Pathogens elimination and regrowth potential after composting, Odor emissions from agricultural activities and biofiltration.
Methods used: Composting in auto-controllable lab-scale reactors and enclosed systems. Olfactometry (odor analysis), Thermal desorption-GC-MS of volatiles.
Shulamit Manulis-Sasson

Research interests: Molecular plant-microbe interactions, development of molecular techniques for detection of bacterial diseases, quorum sensing.

Methods used: "Classical Microbiology", genetics

Dana Ment

Research interests: microbial pest control, entomopathogenic microorganisms, host-pathogen interaction, biopesticides
Methods used: Microbiology, Entomology, Microscopy, Live imaging, Fermentation, Genetics

Dror Minz

Research interests: Environmental microbiology, Plant-Microbe interaction, Biocontrol of plant pathogens.
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology", DNA and RNA microbiome studies (Metagenome and Metatranscriptome).

Gur Pines

Research interests: Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering for the microbial production of molecules of interest, CRISPR-based biosensors, improving natural enemies for biocontrol.
Methods used: Genome editing of bacteria, yeast, and insects.
Roy Posmanik

Research interests: Conversion of waste to resource via biological and thermochemical processes.
Methods used: Chemical characterization methods including elemental analyses, FTIR spectroscopy and various chromatographic methods. Life-cycle assessment, carbon and energy balances.

Orr Shapiro

Research interests: Microbial ecology of aquaculture environments; Bacteriophage ecology and applications; Microscale biological interactions; Advanced microscopy and microfludics.
Methods used: "Wet" Microbiology; NGS; Advanced microscopy and microfluidics.

Moshe Shemesh

Research interests: Food microbiology, dairy food quality and safety, sporulating and biofilm forming bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics.
Methods used: Molecular microbiology, biofilm research, dairy food technology.

Giorgi Shtenberg

Research interests: Food safety & security, environmental/plant/soil pathogens
Methods used: Optical sensing techniques, analytical instruments development, bio/sensors, bioengineering for on-site monitoring

Doron Teper

Research interests: Identifying and characterizing pathogenicity and host specificity determinants of plant pathogenic bacteria
Methods used: "Classical Microbiology", bacterial genetics, pathogenicity assays, protein-protein interactions, molecular and physiological characterization of host-immune responses, live imaging of phytopathogenic bacteria

Iris Yedidia
Iris's photo

Research interests: Chemical as well as biotic stimulants to improve protection against phytopathogens (mainly soft rot bacteria) in ornamental geophytes
Methods used: classical as well as molecular breeding to improve resistance to soft rot.

Zwi G. Weinberg

Research Interests: the ensiling fermentation, silage microbiology, probiotic effects of silage LAB inoculants on ruminants.
Methods used: "classical microbiology", microbiome (cooperation with molecular biologists).

Eli Zaady

Research Interests: Biocrusts [Biological soil crusts]; biogeochemistry; C and N cycles in desert soils; soil microbial ecology in agriculture and natural systems;
Methods used: classical microbiology; bio-physiological analysis of soil microorganisms.

Einat Zchori-Fein

Research Interests: The diversity and phenotype of secondary symbionts of the sweet potato whitefly Bemisia tabaci; The multi-trophic interactions of plants/plant pathogens/arthropod vectors/natural enemies; Horizontal transmission of secondary symbionts.
Methods used: "Classical" Entomology and Microbiology, confocal and light microscopy, molecular biology and bioinformatics.
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