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Gilat Research Center - South ARO Campus


  1. YASUOR HAGAI e-mail Team:Hagai Yasuor, Andrei Vainer, Sayantan Panda
    Role auxin homeostasis in flower organ development and function.
    The research will elucidate the role of auxin homeostasis in flower organ development and function. To address these goals we will use the following methodologies: transcriptomic analysis using RNASeq and other molecular and genomic approaches, genome editing methods (Crisper CAS9), analytical methods for purification and quantification of plant hormone and their metabolites. The above will conducted during different developmental stages and under diverse environmental condition in both WT and mutant plants.
    Education requirements
    Ph.D. degree in life sciences, biology with specialization in one or more of the following fields: Plant Physiology, Genetics, or Biochemistry.
    Scientific experience
    Molecular biology, cloning and transformation, Crisper CAS9 gene editing, analytical such as LCMS/GCMS and microscopic usage experiences
    Ability to develop and adapt interdisciplinary scientific research approaches. Good team work, good English writing and speaking.
  2. EREL RAN e-mail Team:Ran Erel, Avner Gross
    Effects of phosphorus carried by mineral dust on plant nutrition
    Dust storms occur frequently in semi arid regions such as Israel. Mineral dust are usually enriched in bioavailable phosphorus (P), which exceeds its concentrations in the soil by a factor of 10. In this project we will study the effects of dust-P on the nutrition of plants in a semi arid ecosystem in Israel
    Education requirements
    Phd in agronomy, Soil Sciences, soil chemistry, biogeochemistry, plant sciences, geology
    Scientific experience
    Background: Soil Sciences, soil chemistry, biogeochemistry, plant sciences, geology
    English (writing and speaking), experience with lab work
  3. BEN GAL ALON e-mail Team:Hagai Yasour, Yafit Cohen
    Decision support for variable rate irrigation
    We will utilize a variable rate center pivot irrigation system to build decision making support algorithms for best practice irrigation regimes considering spatial variability. The work will involve: spatial mapping of soils and crops, remote sensing of crop and crop water status, proximal sensing of soils and crops. Spatial statistics to evaluate factors influential on crop yield and quality. Tool (application) building to evaluate data and aid in decision making. The platform and laboratory are located in the ARO's southern, Gilat campus, near Beer Sheva.
    Education requirements
    PhD in soil science, water science, ag engineering, agronomy, or statistics and data management
    Scientific experience
    GIS and GIS server experience an advantage
    GIS, statistics, English language, sensing
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