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For the very first time - MOU with Japan regarding agricultural research


The Volcani Institute and the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), signed a Memorandum of Understanding today. NARO is the largest central research body in Japan for agriculture and food research.

The agreement will include collaborative research projects in the fields of water technology, environment and sustainability in agriculture and plant sciences.

The aim of our joint research is to develop new technologies and new approaches in the field of agricultural research with the goal of providing solutions based on sustainable agriculture and environmental protection to increase the quantity and quality of food.

NARO is a world-renowned entity in the field of agricultural research, with about 4900 employees and is located near Tokyo.

University researchers and managers of NARO have visited the Volcani Center in the past and were impressed with Volcani's contributions to the field of agricultural and applied research over the last 95 years. The signing of the MOU between the two institutions is the largest agreement regarding agricultural research conducted with Japan so far.

During the visit, which will last for three days, NARO's delegation will be hosted at Volcani Institute laboratories and will be presented with new robotic systems, precision agriculture, and technologies to improve new plant varieties utilizing different types of irrigation systems.

Management Volcani Institute: "Japan invests a lot of resources in scientific research in general and agricultural research in particular and manages to achieve very impressive results.

The memorandum of understanding signed shows how interest in Israeli technology in agriculture developed by the Volcani Institute is increasing. Israel has a wealth of experience on the development of high-value and stress-resistant feed varieties, the development of new and innovative smart agro especially on issues related to water savings and the use of recycled water. Israel is the global leader by far in the use of treated wastewater for agricultural purposes.



Updated on: 18/02/18 15:19
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