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USIEF -Fulbright

A New Collaboration Between the Volcani Institute and the United States-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF -Fulbright)


For the first time - funding of a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Agricultural Research for an American fellow at the Volcani Institute

The United States Government's Fulbright program is one of the most famous and prestigious awards in the world for academic and cultural exchange. The program is considered the government's flagship program, and its alumni have made their mark on the academic world. Among the Israel alumni are two Nobel Prize winners: Felix Bluch and Aaron Ciechanover.

The signed memorandum of understanding between the Volcani Institute and USIEF paves the way for the integration of American postdoctoral fellows, who possess the highest levels of research capabilities. This is the first time USIEF chose to invest in agricultural research in Israel and this is a testament to the groundbreaking agricultural research taking place in the country.

Dr. Anat Lapidot-Firilla, the USIEF Executive Director: "The Foundation is concerned with selecting excellent individuals who will become the world leaders in their fields. In addition, the Foundation seeks to identify the fields in which Israel could contribute to the United States and vice versa. Without a doubt the Volcani Institute is one of the best institutes in the world for agricultural research. Therefore, the foundation views this as a natural partnership for advancing knowledge, fostering leaders, and reinforcing scientific collaboration with the United States. This agreement is special in that it is the very first institutional agreement with another research institute. USIEF hopes that this agreement will be the basis for future agreements."

The Volcani Institute administration: "Agricultural challenges are the future's challenges. Already today, we live in a world where there are 7.5 billion people and in 2056 the world's population is expected to surpass 10 billion. The world's natural, drinkable water sources are waning, and global warming influences our ability to produce a sufficient amount of food for the world's population. We are very pleased that along with us, USIEF recognizes the importance of the world's agricultural challenges, and that they aim to bring the best minds into the field.

We hope that the collaboration between the Volcani Institute and USIEF will be successful, and if the partnership expands that it will have an influence on the quality of agricultural research in Israel."

Updated on: 18/07/17 12:28
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