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Afimilk- their flag product AfiLab was developed at ARO's Institute ‎of Agriculture Engineering and is used for Milk components Analysis ‎AfiLab is a milk analyzer. It transfers information about milk ‎components to the AfiFarm software in real time as milk flows ‎through the milking system during parlor milking. AfiLab measures ‎the following: Fat content, Protein content and Lactose content

Breeding program for cows for milk led to world's highest milk ‎production (12500 liters of milk/cow /year vs. the World's average/ ‎European/ American 6000/ 8000/ 9000 relatively). 

Tomasins- Development of tomato varieties which grow shrunken on ‎the bush, increase value-added to the commercializing firm also by ‎‎30% savings in water for irrigation, transportation costs and energy ‎for drying. Attractiveness of the European market, particularly in the ‎Italian, French, American and Chinese. During 2014 will attempt to ‎enter the tomato paste industry (ketchup / paste).‎

Magnetica- Fostering a unique species of Salvia sclarea rich in Omega ‎‎3 fatty acids and other health valuables well known and accepted, but ‎without the risk involved in exposure to heavy metal debris when ‎extracted from a popular - deep sea fish.‎‎

DryGair- Innovative dehumidification solution for greenhouses. It ‎saves energy costs, reduce pesticides, "greener" and increase yield.‎ 

Amitec- AgroAmitec-2D Climate Control presents an innovative ‎comprehensive and transformational approach to Climate Control in ‎Agricultural buildings:‎‏ ‏Greenhouses, Dairy farms and poultry. ‎

Steabel- at ARO, the first and so far the only wheat cultivar which has ‎been developed by mutation in tissue cultures (and not genetically ‎engineered) and that has been introduced to the global markets. This ‎variety excels in its baking quality and was found by the largest miller ‎inIsrael-Steabel, to be superior over the important American Winter ‎wheat and the Australian wheat. Due to its light color grain, water ‎absorption, etc. it is specifically used for the production of whole ‎meal bans. These healthy bans which succeeded and have largely ‎occupied 30% of the bans market in Israel.‎  

‎LycoRed- Development of unique species that allow industrial ‎production of Lycopene from tomatoes, also as natural food coloring ‎and antioxidant (www.lycored.com)

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