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Message from the Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Dear Students,
Welcome to the ARO Research Student's Website. It is my pleasure to invite you to join our leading team of scientists in the field of Agricultural Science. In this website you will be able to find a large variety of proposed themes for research that you may pursue within the framework of your graduate studies. You will also find opportunities for positions as laboratory assistants. With this information you will be able to contact the respective leading scientists in the field of Agricultural Science. In addition, you will be able to find detailed information on student grants and possibilities for participation at conferences.

In light of the various inquiries regarding Post-Doctoral trainees from abroad, we issue the following clarifications:
1. The current conditions and guidelines make it difficult for non-citizens and / or non-residents to enter the country
2. The predictions indicate that the situation will worsen and that the guidelines will be even more restrictive, preventing people from reaching workplaces
3. We therefore request to postpone the arrival of the Post-Doctoral trainees to a later date. The new arrival date will be determined in accordance with the updated guidelines issued by The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
4. It is important to convey to the Post-Doctoral trainees that postponing their arrival beyond 30.4. 2020 will not jeopardize their eligibility for a scholarship
5. Any Post-Doctoral trainee that is not currently in Israel and will decide to come to Israel after the 12/3/2020 will not receive the scholarship for the 14-day home quarantine (that are required from all passengers traveling to Israel from abroad). In addition, he/she will have to arrange a place by himself, where he/she will spend the 14-day home quarantine and will have to adhere to the instructions of the authorities released and updated from time to time regarding this matter upon his/her arrival to Israel.
6. Admission of Post-Doctoral trainees from abroad in ARO will begin only after all updates guidelines issued by The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development are fully fulfilled .
7. A Post-Doctoral trainee that during the training will have to enter a 14-day home quarantine period according to the guidelines will receive the scholarship while in quarantine.

We hope that we will soon get back to routine and wish everyone good health!

Our Aim
To educate the future generation of scientists in agricultural research, development and its applications

Associate Director for International Cooperation and Academic Affairs

Tel: +972-50-6220739 

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