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*Declaration of Basic Principles
Declaration of Basic Principles

The Agricultural Research Organization is responsible for research and development in the areas of agriculture and the environment, to further the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the public.

The Agricultural Research Organization:

  • Strives to foster and advance agriculture, environmental quality, and involvement of the relevant industries in Israel, through the integration of practical and basic research.
  • Encourages research and development initiatives based on original thinking and creativity, identifies gaps in knowledge, and opens new avenues in agricultural research.
  • Advises the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Government of Israel on agricultural and environmental research, development, training, and planning.
  • Endeavors to publish its research findings in the scientific and professional literature and to exploit these findings in cooperation with the business sector and with other research organizations.
  • Participates in the guidance of trainees and the instruction of students, in coordination with institutions of higher learning in Israel and worldwide, to establish the next generation of agricultural researchers.
  • Maintains its position in the forefront of science in the realms of agriculture and environmental quality, in cooperation with research organizations and universities in Israel and abroad, and with international bodies active in the same fields of activity.

Approved by the ARO Directorate on 2.6.2005
Signed by the ARO Director on 2.6.2005

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