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Scale Insect Forum

First Announcement

Les Cochenilles: ravageur principal ou secondaire

Scale insects: main or secondary pest

at  Montpellier, France

25 octobre 2011      October 25th 2011

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The   Scale Insect Forum   internet site was developed to enhance cooperation and communication among persons who are engaged or interested in scale insects studies. Users may find here useful information for this group of animals, which are also known by the common name scale insect (Insecta: Hemiptera: Coccoidea).

By clicking one of the links below on this page you will be able to browse and retrieve information for the following topics:

Directory of Scale Insect Systematists  -  This directory provides a list of scale insect systematists, beginning with Carl von Linnaeus (1707-1778) to the present, together with brief information on activity of each systematist.  You may search the Directory of Scale Insect Systematists by surname, and country.

Directory of Coccidologists  -  The user will find in this directory a list of persons who study or are interested in all aspects of scale insect studies, such as taxonomy, phylogeny, economic importance, fauna, molecular biology, cytogenetics, life history, biological control, zoogeography, chemical ecology, useful scale insects and interrelationship with ants. The entry for each person includes name, email-address, affiliation address, phone and fax numbers, URL of home page, and topics of research or interest.  If you are interested in any aspect of Scale Insect Studies and wish that your name will be listed in the  Directory of Coccidologists, please send an email to yairbd@netvision.net.il and include your details. Before sending your details to the Editor, it is advisable to browse a few entries in the Directory of Coccidologists,Users may search the Directory by surname, first name, country and topics.

ISSIS Photograph Gallery -  You may find here group-photos of the participants in Meetings of the International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies commonly named ISSIS.

Forum   -  This sub-site is aimed for presenting and exchanging ideas on any aspect of Scale Insect Studies.

Query -  If you have a particular request or query concerning scale insects that you wish to circulate among students of the group, you are welcome to send it to the Editor.

Meetings  -  You may find here information and circulars on meetings and symposia on scale insects.

Links to other sites -  In this sub-site one may find links to various sites, which are helpful to Scale Insect Studies.


The SCALE INSECT FORUM is edited by Yair Ben-Dov, to whom you may send communications, preferably in English. 

Communications will be presented exactly as sent to the Editor, apart from obvious typographical or grammatical errors which will be corrected. The Editor has the right not to publish any material that is in breach of the ethical principles discussed in the Code of Ethics [page 124] published in The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, 1999, 4th Edition.

Editor: Yair Ben-Dov
Department of Entomology
Agricultural Research Organization
Bet Dagan 50250 ISRAEL
PHONE: 972 - 03 - 9683831
FAX: 972 - 03 - 9683831; 9604180
Special thanks are due to Dr.
Amots Hetzroni (Institute of Agricultural Engineering, ARO, Bet Dagan), and to Mr. Alon Hetzroni, for their continuous and kind support in placing the Scale Insect Forum on the Internet 

Updated on: 20/11/11 07:02
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