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Administration - Plant sciences
Natural Resources
Head: Yagil Osem, Ph.D.
The research objectives are: Improving the interface and management of Israel's forests, with an emphasis on forest sustainability; Improving forest productivity in terms of economy, landscape and ecology; Breeding of forest trees; Improving the productivity of grazing lands in Israel; soil-plant-livestock relations in natural pastures and long-term research in various oThe second section of the department focuses on Natural resources, forestry and extensive agriculture. Its research interests include: forest management, with emphasis on forest sustainability, and economic and ecological benefits; tree genetic improvement; increasing rangeland productivity; soil-plant-livestock relations; and long-term management of various ecosystems. The department houses two professional units: the Official Seed Testing Laboratory and the Testing Unit for Plant Breeders' Rights.

The department's goals are diverse, with the main research interests being in natural resources, forests and open spaces.

Description of activities:

Forestry - Agro-forestry research addresses the utilization of marginal agricultural resources for developing forests that are economically profitable or support economically profitable activity (honey bee cultivation), based on eucalyptus plantations. Landscape forestry studies cover the ecology and management of natural and planted forests in Mediterranean and semiarid environments; compatibility of afforestation candidate species with various Israeli habitats; forests' role in recycling different urban wastes; desert forestation: using local and foreign trees to fight desertification processes and to rehabilitate degraded habitats; genetics of forest tree species and the conservation of genetic diversity; enhancement of forest biodiversity; forest natural regeneration, and re-establishment following fire or harvest; fuel management and fire prevention; grazing in the forest; water harvesting and afforestation; biogeochemical cycles in the forest; effects of forests on neighboring habitats.

Range Management - Studies in this field cover: primary and secondary production processes in grazing systems; improvement and development of natural rangelands and cultivated pastures in Israel through rearing of beef cattle, sheep and goats; the impact of grazing on the soil and on the herbaceous and woody vegetation; monitoring grazing behavior and nutrition of domesticated and wild herbivores, including use of GPS and GIS; use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) in environmental, agricultural and food research; the impact of grazing management on beef cattle production in various ecosystems; fertilization optimization; livestock production in an organic agricultural context.

Ecosystem Management - Studies in this field cover: the dynamics of Mediterranean woody vegetation; the use of grazing for managing natural systems; biodiversity in relation to grazing systems; scientific basis for conservation and management programs; exploitation of bio-geochemical cycles to improve soil productivity and restore degraded landscapes; soil stabilization in sandy and loess habitats; biogenic crusts; runoff harvesting.

Official Seed Testing Laboratory - This unit is the Official Seed Testing Laboratory of the State of Israel. It operates according to the Seed Law and is accredited in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025-International Standard. The Laboratory coordinates the handling and publishing of "The List of Varieties Eligible for Sale in Israel". The Laboratory specializes in seed-quality tests and develops and applies new testing methods to ensure and improve seed quality. The main tests performed are: purity (including identification of cultivated, weed and noxious-weed seeds), germination and dormancy breaking, viability and vigor testing and health tests to identify seed-borne pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses.,

Department  member in Gilat  Research Center:

Eli Zaady, Ph.D.

Department  members in Newe Ya'ar Research Center:


(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
David-Schwartz Rakefet, Ph.D. Forest-tree genetics and molecular research.
Osem Yagil, Ph.D. Forest ecology and management in Mediterranean and semiarid environments.
Segre Hila, Ph.D. Nature-agriculture interactions Wildlife friendly farming and landscape planning Biodiversity and ecosystem services Economic modeling of environmental farming and ecosystem services
Shelef Oren, Ph.D. I'm interested in Agroecology, studying the interactions between agricultural and natural systems to maintain and improve the sustainability of both ends.
Vaknin Keinan Yiftach, Ph.D. 1. Pollination and fertilization biology of cultivated crops and wild plants. 2. Development of the seed-oil plant Jatropha curcas L. as a new biodiesel feedstock. 3. Development of the seed-oil plant Moringa oleifera as a new biodiesel and biomass feedstock. 4. Development of edible sprouts from Israeli native plants. 5. Development of Lemon scented eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora) as a new fresh leaf herb for cooking and water infusions. 6. Development of Eucalyptus sp. as biomass crops for energetic purposes. 7. Breeding for male cultivars of Jojoba.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Amir-Segev Orit, B.Sc.
Cohen Shlomo, Mr.
Daos Ahuva, Ms.
Deutch- Traubman Tova, M.Sc.
Ginzburg Neta, Ms.
Halabi Najah, Mr.
Moshe Yosef, Mr.
Muklada Hussein, Ph.D. Agro-sylvo-pastoral systems. Ecological services. Interface between agriculture and the environment. Eco-hydrology.
Namdar Dvora, Ph.D.
Reiss Tsuf, M.Sc.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Aizikowitz Maoz, B.Sc.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Kisinevski Dov, Ph.D. Emeritus
Klein Joshua D., Ph.D. Agriculture according to the Torah
Korol Leonid, Ph.D. Population genetics
Kushnir Uri, Ph.D. Wheat improvement
Landau Serge (Yan), Ph.D. Nutrition of herbivores on rangelands
Leshem Yoel, Ph.D. Emeritus
Lisker Norberto, Prof. (Emeritus) Mycotoxins and Seed Pathology
Perevolotsky Avi, Prof. Ecosystem management; plant-animal interactions; nature conservation; ecological forestry
Schiller Gabriel, Ph.D. Emeritus. Forest ecology and management; Population genetics of forest trees; Water use by natural and planted forests.
Ungar Eugene David, Ph.D. Grazing systems
Veinstein Abraham, Ph.D. Emeritus
Yaniv Zohara, Ph.D. Emeritus
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