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Ornamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology
Head: Tzahi Arazi, Ph.D.

There are ten research groups in the Department of Ornamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology. Their aim is to provide solutions to current agricultural problems and to prepare Israeli agriculture for the future. To this end, they conduct basic and applied research on a range of edible and ornamental crops. The research projects range from cell biology, molecular regulation and biotechnology to physiology, breeding and urban horticulture. Our research is expected to expand the agricultural technologies and products that are available to growers and consumers in Israel and around the world.
The Department has a long history of achievements in the breeding of ornamental varieties and cut flowers, e.g., the Narcissus 'Ziva' , ornamental sunflower 'Orit' or Hippeastrum 'Ruby Star' and 'Opal Star', all of which are popular worldwide and still produced by local and foreign farmers. In addition, the researchers of the department developed novel methods for the propagation and acclimation of ornamentals, as well as innovative approaches for the forcing of spring flowers (e.g., Peony) for special market niches.
In recent years, the department's researchers are involved in the development of tomato varieties with improved fruit set, substances for efficient rooting and vegetative propagation, innovative solutions for the control of bacterial diseases and pests, natural substances that benefit human health, and the development of new molecular tools for biotechnology.

Currently, the objectives of our research are:
• To solve agricultural problems through biotechnology.
• To develop new agricultural varieties using biotechnology and classical and molecular breeding.
• Advanced research in urban and environmental horticulture.
• Dissemination of products, solutions and knowledge developed in the agricultural community.
• Training the next generation researchers in the field of agricultural biotechnology and urban horticulture.

The department's research groups:

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       Tzahi Arazi         Samuel Bocobza      Rina Kamenetzky

Tzahi Arazi - Regulation of fleshy fruit set and developmentSamuel Bocobza - In vitro plant organ development (regeneration), plant transformation and gene editingRina Kamenetsky - Regulation of flowering and dormancy in geophytes and perennial plants

Hinanit Koltai       Michal Oren-Shamir     Moshe Reuveni

Koltai Hinanit - Medicinal plants and biotechnology of cell culturesMichal Oren-Shamir Phenylpropanoids in plants: pigments, fragrance and protectionMoshe Reuveni - Tissue culture propagation and regeneration mechanisms

 Einat Sadot              Iris Yedidia              Ben Rimon

Einat Sadot - Cell biology, adventitious root formationIris Yedidia - Plant pathogenic bacteria and their interaction with geophyte plantsBen Rimon - Regulation of the development of floral showy traits

Ido Nir

Ido Nir - Plant plasticity under changing environment

Updated on 09 Aug 2023


(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Arazi Tzahi, Ph.D. Regulation of fleshy fruit set and development
Bocobza Samuel, Ph.D. The laboratory for the study of differentiation, regeneration, and transformation of plant cells.
Kamenetsky Goldstein Rina, Prof. -The mechanisms of internal and environmental control of flowering and dormancy in geophytes and herbaceous perennial plants -Strategies and technologies for the development and production of ornamental and edible crops -Plant biodiversity, introduction of new ornamental plants, and their cultivation in warm regions
Koltai Hinanit, Prof. 1. Medical Cannabis: research and development of new cannabis-based medical drugs for different medical indications. 2. Medicinal plants uses for anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity
Nir Ido, Ph.D. Plant plasticity under changing environment, focusing on mechanisms controlling stomatal and leaf epidermis development.
Oren-Shamir Michal, Prof. Phenylpropanoids in plants as fragrance, color and protection
Preisler Yakir, Ph.D.
Reuveni Moshe, Ph.D. Molecular events during shoot regeneration in plant tissue culture. Developing tissue culture methods for ornamentals The function of V-ATPase subunits.
Rimon Ben, Ph.D. Flowering genetics lab main interest is plant sexual reproduction. Our research focuses on control of flowering time and regulation of the development of floral showy traits.
Sadot Einat, Ph.D. Plant cell biology and the cytoskeleton Adventitious root formation
Yedidia Iris, Ph.D. Plant Microbe Interactions, Secondary Metabolites and Plant Immunity, Pectobacterium carotovorum
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Ayzenshtat Dana, M.Sc.
Belausov Eduard, M.Sc.
Cohen Shachar, Ph.D.
Forer ‎‎Itzhak, Mr.
Galsurker Ortal, Ms.
Kutsher Yaarit, M.Sc.
Ovadia Rinat, M.Sc.
Shemesh-Mayer Einat, Ph.D.
Yechezkel Sela, Mr.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Ben Jaacov Jaacov, Ph.D.
Cohen Avner, Ph.D.
Evenor Dalia, Ph.D.
‎‎Ion ‎‎Aurel, M.Sc.
Kagan Sima, M.Sc.
‎‎Lipsky Alexander, Ph.D. Stable genetic transformation of plants. Testing of plant resistance to pathogenic bacteria in vivo and in vitro. Plant cell biology and optimization of biotechnological processes.
Nissim-Levy Ada, Ms.
‎‎Pinta ‎‎Nelo, M.Sc.
Resnick Nathalie-Hanna, M.Sc.
Stav Ran, Mr.
Contact details
Telephone Tel: 03-9683498
Fax Fax: 03-9683676
Email Email: tarazi@agri.gov.il
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