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The Interinstitutional Analytical Instrumentation Unit (IU)
Head: Ahmed Nasser, Ph.D.
The main mission of the IU is to put together a variety of scientific instruments that will satisfy the analytical needs of the ARO researchers, covering a wide spectrum of scientific areas. The IU regulates purchases of modern and expensive analytical equipment and provides proper management, operation and long- term maintenance of the equipment. The IU maximizes the efficient use of the interinstitutional equipment while minimizing costs of needed analyses by reducing payments for outsourced analytical services.

Address: Tsabam, Volcani Center, P.O.B 15159 Rishon LeZion 7505101, Israel

 The analytical services of the IU include: development of analytical methods, analysis and interpretation of results. These services will satisfy a wide spectrum of research needs such as: 

  • Identification and quantification of a wide variety of biologically-significant compounds, such as natural products, including toxins, metabolites and pharmaceutical raw materials.
  • Identification and quantification of micro-pollutants (pesticides, organic solvents, PPCPs, etc.), from different media such as: water, soil, wastes, foodstuffs and plant materials. 
  •  Separation and concentration of substances of interest. 
  • Quantitative analysis of ions in aqueous samples. 
  • Headspace gas analysis for the identification and quantification of volatile substances. 
  • Spectroscopic (FTIR) analysis to identify and characterize the structure of raw materials, products and contaminants.
  • Measurements of nanoparticles size in various solvents, zeta potential and average molecular weight of polymers and proteins.
  • Three-dimensional x-ray imaging (micro-CT scanning) of the fine structure of objects such as seeds, insects, roots and the soil aggregates.

      Analytical Instrumentation

The IU is equipped with a variety of analytical instruments which enable the fulfillment of the mission of the IU. Below is a list of the available instruments (an annual review and purchasing plan for new equipment will take place): 

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Samara Mohamed, M.Sc.
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Nasser Ahmed, Ph.D.
Contact details
Telephone Tel: 03-9863306, 03-9683043
Fax Fax: 03-9683046
Email Email: nasser@volcani.agri.gov.il
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