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Extracting Pomegranate Arils
Innovative development of technologies to extract the arils of the pomegranate fruit

The pomegranate is a fruit, which possess some unique characteristics, with a potential of a wide and diverse utilization, ranging from fresh to processed products, including pharmaceutical products. However, in spite of its many advantages, it is currently a relatively minor crop with limited marketability. The major obstacle to the realization of the full potential of this unique fruit is the difficulties involved in retrieving the internal edible seeds (arils).

comercial arils package

A novel method and a system was developed, which enables opening the fruit without cutting, extracting the arils with minimum damage, separating the arils from any extraneous materials and delivering clean, arils to a packaging machine.After three years of extensive R&D work, carried out by a team of scientists, engineers and technicians of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at Bet Dagan, the machine has been implemented commercially. An Israeli manufacturer -‘Juran Metal Works Ltd.’ has signed an exclusivity licensee agreement with the Agricultural Research Organization at the Volcani Center to manufacture and commercialize the machines. So far, 12 machines have been sold to Israeli, Spanish, Turkish and American pomegranate processors. A patent has been registered in Israel and 10 other countries.  The machine is currently the only commercial machine available, worldwide. It provides the potential for utilizing this unique fruit for a variety of products made from the seeds, including fresh seeds packed in a MAP package, high quality juice, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products- strongly desired because of their health benefit characteristics.

This innovative development will enable the Israeli growers to expand the marketability of the pomegranate fruit and the development of a processing industry with a great potential for export. This project was partially financed by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Agriculture and the EC PF5 program (CRAFT- POMEVAL project).  

"Juran Technologies Ltd" received the AE50 award for outstanding innovation in product of systems technology from the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers), for the pomegranate aril extracting machine - ArilSystemTM.

pomegranate  aril extracting machine - ArilSystemTM.           

18/05/08 | Sunday
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