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Selected Publications

Bechar, A., and C. Vigneault. (2016). Agricultural Robots for Field Operations: Concepts and Components. Biosystems Engineering 149: 94-111.

Schor, N., A. Bechar, T. Ignat, A. Dombrovsky, Y. Elad, and S. Berman (2016).Robotic Disease Detection in Greenhouses: Combined Detection of Powdery Mildew and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. The IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 1(1): 354-360.

Riemer, R. and A. Bechar (2016). Investigation of productivity enhancement and biomechanical risks in greenhouse crops. Biosystems Engineering 147: 39-50.

 Bechar, A. and M. Eben-Chaime (2014). Hand-held computers to increase accuracy and productivity in agricultural work study. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 63(2): 194-208.

Nof, S.Y., G.J. Cheng, A.M. Weiner, X.W. Chen, Y.C. Shin, A. Bechar, M.G. Jones, C.B. Reed, A. Donmez, T.D. Weldon, P. Bermel, S.T.S. Bukkapatnam, C. Cheng, S.R.T. Kumara, A. Bement, R. Koubek, B. Bidanda, A. Capponi, S. Lee, M.R. Lehto, A.L. Liu, O. Nohadani, M. Dantus, P.W.  Lorraine,  D.D. Nolte,  W.W. Proctor, H.P. Sardesai, L. Shi, J.P. Wachs, X. Zhang (2013). Laser and Photonic Systems Integration: Emerging Innovations and Framework for Research and Education. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service 23(6): 483-516.

Oren, Y., A. Bechar and Y. Edan (2012). Performance Analysis of Human-Robot Collaboration in Target Recognition Tasks. Robotica 30(5): 813-826

Eben-Chaime, M., A. Bechar and A. Baron (2011). Economical Evaluation of Greenhouse Layout Design. International Journal of Production Economics 134: 246-254.

Tkach, I., A. Bechar and Y. Edan (2011). Switching between Collaboration Levels in a Human-Robot Target Recognition System. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part C 41(6): 955-967.

Vitner, G. and A. Bechar (2011). Count-to-weight transform of pre-packed packages, a case study: an efficient implementation of the NIST Handbook 133 requirements. Biosystems Engineering  108(3): 204-210.

Bechar, A. (2010). Robotics in horticultural field production. Stewart Postharvest Review 6(3): 1-11. (invited review).

Bechar, A., J. Meyer and Y. Edan (2009). An Objective Function to Evaluate Performance of Human-Robot Collaboration in Target Recognition Tasks. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C. 39(6):611-620.

Bechar, A. and G. Vitner. (2009). A Weight Coefficient of Variation Based Mathematical Model to Support the Production of 'Packages Labelled by Count' in Agriculture. Biosystems Engineering. 104(3):362-368.

Lavi N., Y. Tadmor, A. Meir, A. Bechar, M. Oren-Shamir, R. Ovadia, M. Reuveni, S. Nahon, H. Shlomo, L. Chen and I. Levin (2009). Characterization of the Intense Pigment Tomato Genotype Emphasizing Targeted Fruit Metabolites and Chloroplast Biogenesis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57(11): 4818–4826.

Bechar, A., S. Gan-Mor and B. Ronen (2008). A method for increasing the electrostatic deposition of pollen and powder. Journal of Electrostatics 66(7-8): 375-380.

Vitner, G., A. Bechar, A. Kiryati, O. Eshet and O. Shental. (2007(. Quality and Productivity Improvement of Wax Flowers. Agricultural Engineering International - The CIGR Ejournal. Vol. IX.

Bechar, A., S. Yosef, S. Netanyahu and Y. Edan. (2007). Improvement of Work Methods in Tomato Greenhouses Using Simulation. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 50(2): 331-338.

Bechar, A., Y. Edan and J. Meyer. (2006). Optimal Collaboration in Human-Robot Target Recognition Systems. International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Taipei, Taiwan. IEEE SMC Paper No. 01113.

Bechar, A., A. Mizrach, P.E. Barreiro and S. Landah. (2005(. Determination of mealiness in apples using ultrasonic measurements and comparison with destructive tests. Biosystems Engineering 91(3):329-334.

Bechar, A. and Y. Edan. (2003). Human-robot collaboration for improved target recognition of agricultural robots. Industrial Robot 30 (5): 432-436. (Invited paper).

Bechar, A., I. Shmulevich, D. Eisikowitch, Y. Vaknin, B. Ronen and S. Gan-Mor (1999). Modeling and experiment analysis of electrostatic date pollination. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 42(6):1511-1516.

Edan, Y and A. Bechar (1998). Multi-purpose agricultural robot. Proceedings of The Sixth IASTED International Conference, Robotics And Manufacturing, Banff, Canada. pp. 205-212.

Bechar, A., S. Gan-Mor, Y. Vaknin, I. Shmulevich, B. Ronen and D. Eisikowitch (1997). An image analysis technique for accurate counting of pollen on stigmas. The new Phytologist - International J. of the Plant Science, 137(4):639-643.

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