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Selected Publications

Selected Articles (of 97 reviewed)

  • Borisover, M. D., Sirotkin, V. A. and Solomonov B. N. (1993). Calorimetric study of human serum albumin in water- dioxane mixtures. J. Phys. Org. Chem. 6: 251-253.
  • Stolov, A. A., Kamalova, D. I., Borisover, M. D., Solomonov, B. N. and Remizov, A. B. (1994). Hydrogen bonds formed by methyl groups of acetonitrile: infrared and calorimetric study. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular Spectroscopy 50: 145-150  .
  • Borisover, M. D., Baitalov, F. D.and Solomonov, B. N. (1995). Evaluation of the contribution to hydration of nonelectrolytes from the hydrophobic effect. J. Solution Chem. 24: 579-586.
  • Borisover, M. D., Sirotkin, V. A. and Solomonov, B. N. (1995). Isotherm of water sorption by human serum albumin in dioxane: comparison with calorimetric data. J. Phys. Org. Chem. 8: 84-88.
  • Borisover, M. D., Sirotkin, V.A. and Solomonov, B. N. (1995). Thermodynamics of water binding by human serum albumin suspended in acetonitrile. Thermochimica Acta. 254: 47-53.
  • Sirotkin, V. A., Borisover, M. D. and Solomonov, B. N. (1995). Heat effects and water sorption by human serum albumin on its suspension in water - dimethyl sulfoxide mixtures. Thermochimica Acta. 256: 175-183.
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  • Gorbachuk, V. V., Ziganshin, M. A., Solomonov, B. N. and Borisover, M. D. (1997). Vapor sorption of organic compounds on human serum albumin. J. Phys. Org. Chem. 10: 901-907.
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  • Borisover, M. D. and Graber, E. R. (1998). Organic compound sorption enthalpy and sorption mechanisms in soil organic matter. J. Environ. Qual. 27: 312-317.
  • Graber, E. R. and Borisover, M. D. (1998). Hydration-assisted sorption of specifically interacting organic compounds by model soil organic matter. Environ. Sci. Technol. 32: 258-263.
  • Graber, E. R. and Borisover, M. D. (1998) Evaluation of the glassy/rubbery model for soil organic matter. Environ. Sci. Technol. 32: 3286-92.
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  • Borisover, M. D. and Graber, E. R. (1999) Response to Comments from Pignatello and Xing on "Evaluation of the glassy/rubbery model for soil organic matter", Environ. Sci. Technol. 33: 2839-40.
  • Borisover, M. D. and Graber, E. R. (1999). Response to Comments from LeBeouf on "Evaluation of the glassy/rubbery model for soil organic matter", Environ. Sci. Technol. 33: 2835-36.
  • Borisover, M. D., Sirotkin V. A., Zakharychev, D. V. and Solomonov B. N. (2001). Calorimetric methods in evaluating hydration and solvation of solid proteins immersed in organic solvents. In "Enzymes in Non-Aqueous Solvents. Methods and Protocols", Methods in Biotechnology, Humana Press, Totova, New Jersey, 183-202.
  • Polubesova, T., Nir., S., Rubin, B., Borisover, M.D., Gerstl, Z. (2001). Formulations of the anionic herbicide imazaquin based on its sorption on crystal violet-montmorillonite complexes. Symposium "Pesticide behaviour in Soils and Water" Proceedings of British Crop Protection Conference -Weeds, 65-70.
  • Wefer-Roehl, A., Graber, E. R., Borisover, M. D., Adar, E., Nativ, R., Ronen, Z. (2001). Sorption of organic contaminants in a fractured chalk formation. Chemosphere, 44: 1121-1130.
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  • Schaumann, G.E., Shemotyk, L., Borisover, M., Nasser, A., Bukhanovsky, N., Hasan, J., Sawalha, A.M. (2011). Potential effects of olive oil production waste water on soil quality. Horticulture Acta, 888: 337-344.
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 Extended Abstracts

Laor, Y., Saadi, I., Borisover, M., Armon, R. (2005). Monitoring of effluent DOM biodegradability using fluorescence, UV and DOC measurements. Proceeding of an international workshop on Microorganisms-Water and Aquifers, Sept    20-21, The Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Sede-Boker, pp. 11-15.

 Borisover, M., Laor, Y., Lado, M., Saadi, I. (2006). Characterization of dissolved organic matter using 3-D excitation-emission fluorescence spectroscopy and its application to water monitoring. First International Conference "From Invention and Development to Product. From Research Institutes to the Water Industry", November, 28-30, Sede Boqer campus, Israel, pp/ 117-121.

Borisover, M., Laor, Y., Parparov, A., Bukhanovskaya, N., Lado, M., Saadi, I. (2007). Using of the fluorescence spectroscopy for characterization of organic matter in the Kinneret Lake and catchment's basins. Workshop of the Israel Water Authority, "Water Researches", Yad Shmona, October, 9,  pp. 19-25 (Hebrew).

Borisover, M., Laor, Y., Levy, G.J. (2014). Humic-like and proteinaceous components of organic matter in aquatic and soil environments  Three case studies analyzed with EEM+PARAFAC methodologiy. The Proceedings of the 11th Dahlia Greidinger Memorial Symposium "Advanced methods for investigating nitrient dymaics in soil and ecosystems". 4-7 March, 2013, Technion -IT, Haifa, Israel, pp. 328-341.


Articles in Hebrew

מיכאל בוריסובר, אנה סאס (בזינאן), עיסאם סבאח, גיא לוי. (2009). שימוש בספקטרוסקופיה פלואורסנטית תלת ממדית לאפיון החומר האורגני המומס במי קולחים בדרגות טיהור שונות. מים והשקייה  56:26-32

יונתן קרן, מיכאל בוריסובר, ארנון דג, נדז'דה בוחנובסקי ויצחק צפורי (2015).   השפעת פסולת נוזלית של בתי בד על אינטראקציות ספיחה של תרכובות אורגניות בקרקע. אקולוגיה וסביבה, 4, 302-308

יונתן קרן, מיכאל בוריסובר, נדז'דה בוחנובסקי (2016).  השפעה  של שפכי בתי בד על בפיחת סימזין לקרקע. מים והשקייה 545: 24-29.



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