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5 quick tips for sorting e-mail
tips for outlook
  1. A quick way to store e-mail you need to keep is to drag-and-drop an Outlook e-mail message onto the desktop or any folder
  2. It’s best to sort your e-mail into at least a few different folders, to have some form of organization. If you make them subfolders of your Inbox, you can search through all your messages all at once.
  3. If you’re worried about forgetting to read messages that are automatically filed in folders, remember that Outlook folders that contain unread mail have a little bolded number after them in brackets such as (3) to indicate the number of messages in the folder that you haven’t read. It’s pretty easy to track so you will probably find this is sufficient an indicator that you won’t forget to check the folders.
  4. Can you have replies sent to a subfolder? Yes. You can write a rule to have messages sent to various folders upon receipt or on sending the message--whichever option suits you. Click on the Tools tab and select Rules and Alerts.
  5. How Rules are applied to incoming e-mail in Outlook 2003 and 2007: If more than one rule applies to an incoming e-mail, the ruled placed in first place takes precedence, or both rules are applied
12/06/08 | Thursday
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