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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Samuel Moreshet, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Soil, Water and Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Physics and Irrigation
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683661
Cell: 972-50-5560484
Email:  mulu@volcani.agri.gov.il


Research Interests / Job description
Environmental plant physiology
Water transport from soil through the plant and to the atmosphere
Plant-water relationships
Plant hydraulic conductance
Leaf and canopy conductance, including stomatal behavior
Crop water requirements and irrigation
Agricultural archaeology of Israel

Selected Publications

  • Cohen, Y., M. Fuchs, V. Falkenflug and S. Moreshet (1988). Calibrated heat pulse method for determining water uptake in cotton. Agron. J. 80:398-402.
  • Fuchs, M., Y. Cohen, S. Moreshet and Y. Cohen (1989). Experimental verification of a meteorological transpiration model. Agronomie 9:827-832.
  • Moreshet S., Y. Cohen, G.S. Green and M. Fuchs (1990). The partitioning of hydraulic conductances within mature orange trees. J. Exp. Bot. 40:833-839.
  • Moreshet, S., M.G. Huck, J.D. Hesketh and D.B. Peters (1990). Relationships between sap flow and hydraulic conductivity in soybean plants. Agronomie 10:381-389.
  • Petersen, K.L., S. Moreshet and M. Fuchs (1991). Sunlit and shaded stomatal responses of field grown cotton to radiation and soil moisture. Agron. J. 83(6):1059-1065.
  • Stanhill, G. and S. Moreshet (1991). World radiation climate change: the world network. Climate Change 21:57-75.
  • Petersen, K.L., M. Fuchs, S. Moreshet, Y. Cohen and H. Sinoquet (1992). Computing transpiration of sunlit and shaded cotton foliage under variable water stress. Agron J. 84:91-97.
  • Stanhill, G. and S. Moreshet (1992). Global radiation climate change in Israel. Climate Change 22:121-138.
  • Petersen, K.L., S. Moreshet, M. Fuchs, A. Schwarz (1992). Field cotton stomatal responses to light spectral composition and variable soil moisture. European J. Agron. 1(2):117-123.
  • Stanhill, G. and S. Moreshet (1994) Global radiation climate at seven sites remote from surface sources of pollution. Climate Change 26:89-103
  • Moreshet, S., Yefet Cohen, Marcel Fuchs, Hezi Cohen, and Avraham Meiri (1995). Water conductance in cotton: Comparing plants irrigated by drippers in every interrow space to those irrigated in every 2nd interrow space. Hassadeh, (reviewed article). 76(2):25-29.
  • Moreshet, S, D.C. Bridges, D.S. NeSmith, and B. Huang (1996).
  • Effects of water deficit stress on competitive interactions of peanut and sicklepod. Agron. J. 88:636-644.
  • Moreshet, S., Marcel. Fuchs, Yehezkel. Cohen, Yefet Cohen, and M. Langensiepen (1996). Water transport characteristics of cotton as affected by drip irrigation layout. Agron. J. 88:717-722.
  • Moreshet, S., B. Huang, and M. G. Huck (1997) Water Permeability of Roots. In. Y. Waisel, A. Eshel, and U. Kafkafi (Eds) Plant Roots - the Hidden Half 2nd Edition. Marcel
  • Cohen, S., S. Moreshet, M. Cohen, and L. Le Guillou (1997). Response of citrus trees to modified radiation regime in semi-arid conditions. J. Exp. Botany (48:35-44).
  • Moreshet S. , S. Cohen, Z. Assor, and M. Bar-Joseph (1998). Water relations of citrus exocortis viroid-infected grapefruit trees in the field. J. Exp. Botany (49: 1421-1430).
  • Aloni, B., L. Karni, I. Rylski, Y. Cohen, Y. Lee, M. Fuchs, S. Moreshet, and C. Yao (1998). Cuticular cracking in pepper fruit: I. Effects of night temperature and humidity. J.Hort. Sci. & Biotechnology (73: 743-749).
  • Aloni, B., L. Karni, I. S. Moreshet, C. Yao, and C. Stanghellini (1999). Cuticular cracking in pepper fruit: II. Effects of fruit water relations and fruit expansion. J.Hort. Sci. & Biotechnology (74: 1-5).
  • Moreshet, S., C. Yao, B. Aloni, L. Karni, and C. Stanghellini (1999).Environmental factors affecting the cracking of greehouse-grown pepper fruit. J.Hort. Sci. & Biotechnology (74: 6-12).
  • S. Moreshet, H. Bergamaschi, M. Langensiepen, S. Cohen and J.I. Bergonzi (1999) Validating the output from a transpiration model for a well watered and a stressed corn (Zea maize) Crop by sap flow measurement. Proc. Int. Symp. "World Food Security Kyoto (183-187).
  • C.Yao, S. Moreshet, B. Aloni, L. Karni (2000) Effects of climatic factors and water stress on the diurnal fluctuation in diameter of bell pepper fruit. J.Hort. Sci. & Biotechnology (75: 6-11).
  • C. Yao, , S. Moreshet, B. Aloni (2001) Water relations and hydraulic control of stomatal behaviour in bell pepper plant in partial soil drying. Plant Cell and En 235
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