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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Menahem Edelstein, Prof. (Researcher)
Units: Newe Ya'arResearch teams-Newe Yaar
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  04-9539515
Cell: 050-6220015
Email:    medelst@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Newe Ya'ar
Address:Department of Vegetable Crops
Newe Ya'ar Research Center
Agricultural Research Organization
P.O.Box 1021, Ramat Yishay 30095, Israel

Researcher Cucurbit Section

Research Interests / Job description
Seed production & germination, plant physiology, grafting, effluent

Some Recent Publications

  • Edelstein, M., Tadmor, Y., Abo-Moch, F.,  Karchi, Z. and  Mansour, F. (2000).  The potential of Lagenaria rootstock to confer resistance to the Carmine Spider Mite,  Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Cucurbitaceae.  Bull. Ent. Res. 90: 113-117.
  • Tadmor, Y., Larkov, O., Meir, A., Minkhoff,  M., Lastochkin, E., Edelstein, M.,  Levin, S.,  Wong, J., Rocheford, T. and Lewinsohn, E. (2000). Reversed-phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic determination of vitamin E components in maize kernels. hytochemical Analysis, 11:370-374.
  • Shalit, M., Katzir, N., Tadmor, K., Larkov, O., Burger, Y., Shalekhet, F.,  Ravid, U., Amar, O., Edelstein, M., Karchi, Z. and Lewinsohn, E. (2001). Acetyl-CoA: alcohol acetyltransferase activity and aroma formation in ripening melon fruits.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 49: 794-799.
  • Cohen, R., Pivonia, S., Burger, Y., Edelstein, M., Gamliel, A. and Katan, J. (2000) Towards integrated management of Monosporascus wilt of melons in Israel Plant Dis. 84: 496-505 Featured Review Article.
  • Edelstein, M. and Nerson, H.  (2001). Pretransplant Nutritional Conditioning effects on seedling growth and on fruit yield in muskmelon. J. Vegetable Crop Production. 7: 49-58.
  • Edelstein, M., Bradford, K.J. and Burger, D.W. (2001).Metabolic heat and CO2 production rates during germination of melon (Cucumis melo L.) seeds measured by microcalorimetry. Seed Sci. Res. 11: 265-272.
  • Paris, H. S. and Edelstein, M. (2001).  Same gene for Bush growth habit in Cucurbita pepo ssp pepo as in C. pepo ssp. ovifera.  Cucurbit Genet. Coop. Rep. 24:80-81.
  • Edelstein, M. and Nerson, H. (2002).Genotype and plant density affect watermelon for seed consumption. HortScience 37: 981-983.
  • Cohen, R., Horev, C., Burger, Y., Shriber, S., Hershenhorn, J., Katan, J. and Edelstein, M. (2002).  Horticultural and pathological aspects of fusarium wilt management using grafted melons. HortScience  37: 1069-1073.
  •  Edelstein, M., Burger, Y., Horev, C., Porat, A., Meir, A. and Cohen, R. (2004).  Assessing the effect of genetic and anatomic variation of Cucurbita rootstocks on vigor, survival and yield of grafted melons. J. Hortic. Sci. & Biotech. 79 (3): 370-374.
  • Edelstein, M., Ben-Hur, M., Cohen, R., Burger, Y. and Ravina, I. (2005). Boron and salinity effects on grafted and non-grafted melon plants. Plant and Soil 269: 273-284.
  • Aly, R., Mansour, F., Abo-Moch, F., Edelstein, M., Meiri, E., Shibolet, Y.M. and Gal-On, A. (2005).  A novel approach to spider mite control based on expression of sarcotoxin IA peptide via virus-vector system in plants.  Phytoparasitica 33(2): 177-186.
  • Cohen, R., Burger, Y., Horev, C., Porat, A. and Edelstein, M. (2005). Performance of Galia-type melons grafted onto Cucurbita rootstockin Monosporascus  cannonballus-infested and non-infested soils.   Annals of Applied Biology 146: 381-387.
  • Edelstein, M. and Nerson, H. (2005). Anatomical, physiological and production factors involved in germination of melon seeds.  Adv. Hort. Sci., 19 (3): 163-171 - Review paper.
  • Carmi, A., Aharoni, Y., Edelstein, M., Umiel, N., Hagiladi, A., Yosef, E., Nikbachat, M. Zenou, A. and Miron J. (2006). Effects of irrigation and plant density on yield, composition and in vitro digestibility of a new forage sorghum variety, Tal, at two maturity stages.  Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 131:120-132.
  • Edelstein, M., Paris, H.S., Hadas , R., Gal-On, A., Barkan , G. and Leibman, D. (2007).  Diversity within Cucurbita maxima and C. moschata for resistance to RNA viruses. Cucurbit Genet. Coop. Rep. 30: 31-32.
  • Edelstein, M., Ben-Hur M. and Plaut, Z. (2007). Grafted melons irrigated with fresh or effluent water tolerate excess boron.      J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132: 484-491.
  • Cohen, R., Burger, Y., Horev, C., Koren, A. and Edelstein, M. (2007). Introducing Grafted Cucurbits to Modern Agriculture: The Israeli Experience. Plant Dis. 91(8): 916-923. - Featured Review Article.
  • Cohen, R., Eizenberg, H., Edelstein, M., Horev, C., Lande, T., Porat, A., Achdari, G. and Hershenhorn, J. (2007). Evaluation of herbicides for grafted watermelons and melons grown in the Arava Valley of southern Israel. Phytpparasitica 36:66-73.
  • Aloni, B., Karni, L., Deventurero, G., Levin, Z., Cohen, R., Katzir, N., Lotan-Pompan, M.,  Edelstein, M., Aktas, H., Turhan, E., Joel, D.M., Horev, C. and Kapulnik, Y. (2008).  Possible mechanisms for graft incompatibility between melon scions and pumpkin rootstocks.  J. Hort. Sci. & Biotech. 86: 777-783.

  • Edelstein, M. and Nerson, H. (2009).  Low-Temperature Germination of Melons is Affected by Seed-Coat Characteristics and  Embryo Genotype. HortScience 44: 1412-1414. 

  • Edelstein, M., Plaut, Z., Dudai, N. and Ben-Hur, M. (2009).   Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) responses to fertilization and salinity under irrigation  conditions.  J. of Environ. Man. 91: 215-221.

  • Edelstein, M., Plaut, Z., and Ben-Hur, M. (2010).    Water salinity and sodicity effects on soil structure and hydraulic properties.     Adv. Hort. Sci., 24: 154-160. - Review paper.
  •  Aloni, B., Cohen, R., Karni, L. and Edelstein, M. (2010).Hormonal signaling in rootstock-scion interactions.Scientia Hort. 127: 119-126. Review paper.
  •  Edelstein, M., Oka, Y., Burger, Y., Eizenberg, H. and Cohen, R. (2010). Variation in the response of cucurbits to root-knot nematodes. Israel J. Plant Sci. 58: 77-84.
  • Edelstein, M., Plaut, Z. and Ben-Hur, M. (2011). Sodium and chloride exclusion and retention by non-grafted and grafted melon and Cucurbita plants.  J. Exp. Bot. 62: 177-184.

  • Edelstein, M. and Welbaum, G.E. (2011).Seed oxygen uptake and germination of cold tolerant and intolerant cultivars of muskmelon. Crop Sci. 51: 810-817.

  • Edelstein, M., Plaut, Z., and Ben-Hur, M. (2011).   Mechanism responsible for restricted boron concentration in plant shoots grafted on pumpkin rotstocks.  Israel J. Plant Sci. 59:207-215.
                        Edelstein, M.  and Ben-Hur, M.  (2012).Use of grafting                             to mitigate chemical stresses in vegetables under arid                             and semiarid conditions. In: Advances in Environmental                         Research. Vol. 20 (J.A. Daniels, ed), pp163-179.Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
  • Edelstein, M., Cohen, R. and Ben-Hur, M. (2012).Using grafted vegetables to increase tolerance to salt, toxic elements, and soil-borne doseases  In: Agriculture in arid and semiarid zones: Soil, water, and environmental aspects, (M. Ben-Hur, ed.), Research Signpost. (in press).
  • Paris, H.S., Cohen, R., Edelstein, M., Burger, Y., Ma‘oz, Y. and Schaffer, A.A. (2013). Origin and history of old Cucurbit cultivars in Israel and the sources of several internationally important market types. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 60: 1629-1640. 

    Plaut,  Z., Edelstein, M. and Ben-Hur, M. (2013). Overcoming salinity barriers to crop production using traditional methods. Crit. Rev. Plan Sci. 32: 250-291. 

    Leskovar, D.I., Crosby, K.M., Marco A. Palma, M.A.  and Edelstein, M. (2013). Vegetable Crops: Linking Production, Breeding and Marketing. In: Horticulture- Plants for People and Places. (G. R. Dixon & D. E. Aldous, eds.) pp. 75-96. Springer Buisness + Media, Dordercht, The Netherlands.

  • Edelstein, M., Tyutyunik, J., Falik, E., Meir, A., Tadmor, Y. and Cohen, R. (2014).Horticultural evaluation of exotic watermelon germplasm as potential rootstocks.  Scientia Hortic. 165: 196-202.

  • Cohen, R ., Tyutyunik, J., Falik, E., Oka, Y., Tadmor, Y. and Edelstein, M. (2014).  Phytophatological evaluation of exotic watermelon germplasm as a basis for rootstock breedeng. Scientia Hortic. 165: 203-210.

  • Cohen, R., Orgil, G., Burger, Y., Saar, U., Elkabetz, M., Tadmor, Y., Edelstein, M., Belausov, E., Maymon, M., Freeman, S. and Yarden, O. (2015). Differences in the responses of melon accessions to Fusarium crown rot and their colonization  by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis cucumerinum. Plant Pathology 64-655-663. 

  •  Kumar, P., Edelstein, M., Cardarelli, M., Ferri, E. and Colla, G., (2015). Grafting Affects Growth, Yield, Nutrient Uptake, and Partitioning under Cadmium  Stress in Tomato.                               HortScience  50:1654-1661.

  • Edelstein, M., Cohen, R., Baumkoler, F. and Ben-Hur, M. (2016). Using grafted vegetables to increase tolerance to salt and toxic element.         Israel J. Plant Sci.   http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07929978.2016.1151285

  • Edelstein, M., Cohen, R., Elkabetz, M., Pivonia, S., Maduel, A., Sadeh-Yarok, T. and Ben-Hur, M . (2016).
    The potential of enriched fertilization in overcoming nutritional deficiency in grafted melons.         HortScience 51: 435-438.  
  • Cohen, R., Elkabez, M. and   Edelstein, M. (2016).
    Variation in the response of melon and watermelon to Macrophomina phaseolina. Crop Protection 85: 46-51.
  • Edelstein, M., Berstein, D., Shenker, M., Azaizeh, H. and Ben-Hur, M. (2016). Effects of selenium on growth parameters of tomato and basil under fertigation management. HortScience 51: 1050-1056.
  • Edelstein, M.  and Ben-Hur, M.  (2016). Effects of grafting on nutrient uptake by cucurbits irrigated with water of different qualities. In: Handbook of Cucurbits, Growth, Cultural Practices, and Physiology. (M. Pessarakli, ed.), pp. 273-284. RCR Press, England. ISBN 9781482234589.
  • Edelstein, M., Colla, G., Kumar, P. and Ben-Hur, M. (2017). Heavy metals and metalloids. In: Principles and Practices of Vegetable Grafting. (C. Giuseppe,  A. Francisco Perez & D. Schwarz, eds.). Elsevier  B.V. (in press).
  • Edelstein, M., Cohen, R., Gur, A., Elkabetz, M., Pivonia, S., Grosch, R., Forster, P. and Schwarz, D. (2017).Performance of interspecific Cucurbita rootstocks compared to their parental lines. Scientia Hortic 216: 45-50.  

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