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Name: Yael Laor, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Newe Ya'arResearch teams-Newe Yaar
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-4-9539539
Cell: 972-506220038
Email:  laor@volcani.agri.gov.il  laor@agri.gov.il
Office location:Newe Ya'ar Research Center
Address:P.O.B. 1021 Ramat Yishay, 30095, ISRAEL


Research Interests / Job description
1. Chemical-sensory characterization of malodors emitted from animal production, wastewater treatment plants and biosolid application; Development of odor abatement strategies and technologies.
2. Olive mill wastes recycling (controlled land spreading and composting)ץ
3. Composting processes and compost stability.
4. Soil microbial activity and functional diversity.
5. Dissolved organic matter (DOM) characterization and biodegradation (wastewater effluents-, soil- and compost-DOM).
(Previous research work was focused on sorption interactions of contaminants (PAHs and VOCs) with natural organic matter (humic substances and DOM).

Recent publications (a full list can be found in the CV file)

Aviani, I., Laor, Y., Medina, Sh., Krassnovsky, A., Raviv, M. (2010). Co-composting of solid and liquid olive mill wastes: Management aspects and the horticultural value of the resulting composts. Bioresource Technology. In press. doi:10.1016/j.biortech.2010.03.096

Saadi, I., Laor, Y., Medina, Sh., Krassnovskyb, A., Raviv, M. (2010). One-year storage under different moisture and temperature conditions did not reduce compost suppressiveness against Fusarium oxysporum. Soil Biology & Biochemistry. 42, 626-634.

Shabtay, A., Ravid, U., Brosh, A., Baybikov, R., Eitam, H., Laor, Y. (2009). Dynamics of offensive gas-phase odorants in fresh and aged feces throughout the development of beef cattle. J. Anim. Sci.. 87, 1835-1848.

Borisover, M., Laor, Y., Parparov, A., Bukhanovsky, N., Lado, N. (2009). Spatial and seasonal patterns of fluorescent organic matter in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and its catchment basin. Water Res. 43, 3104-3116.

Medina, Sh., Raviv, M., Saadi, I., Laor, Y. (2009). Methodological aspects of microcalorimetry used to assess the dynamics of microbial activity during composting. Bioresource Technology. 100, 4814-4820.

Aviani, I., Raviv, M., Hadar, Y., Saadi, I., Laor, Y (2009). Evaluation of olive mill wastewater phytotoxicity and related properties as affected by fractionation and incubation with Pleurotus ostreatus. J. Agric. Food Chem. 57, 11254-11260.

Graber E.R., Laor, Y., Ronen, D. (2008). Aquifer contamination by chlorinated-VOCs: the case of an urban metropolis megasite overlying the Coastal Plain aquifer in Israel. Hydrological Journal, 16(8), 1615-1623.

Laor, Y.*, Koziel, J.A., Cai, L., Ravid, U. (2008). Chemical-sensory characterization of dairy manure odor using headspace solid phase microextraction and multidimensional gas chromatography -­ mass spectrometry - olfactometry. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 58(9), Special Issue, 1187-1197. 

Sorek, A., Atzmon, N., Dahan, O., Gerstl, Z., Kushisin, L., Laor, Y., Mingelgrin, U., Nasser, A., Ronen, D., Tsechansky, L., Weisbrod, N., Graber, E.R. (2008). ‘Phytoscreening': The Use of Trees for Discovering Subsurface Contamination by VOCs. Environmental Science & Technology, 42, 536-542.

Saadi, I., Laor, Y., Raviv, M. and Sh. Medina (2007). Land spreading of olive mill wastewater: Effects on soil microbial activity and potential phytotoxicity. Chemosphere, 66, 75-83.

Borisover, M., Laor, Y., Bukhanovsky, N. and I. Saadi (2006). Fluorescence-Based Evidence for Adsorptive ("Non-Partitioning") Binding of Pyrene to Effluent Dissolved Organic Matter. Chemosphere, 65, 1925-1934.

Saadi, I., M. Borisover, R. Armon, and Y. Laor (2006). Monitoring of Effluent DOM Biodegradation Using Fluorescence, UV and DOC Measurements. Chemosphere, 63, 530-539.

Articles in Hebrew/Arabic

Saadi I., Laor Y., Raviv M., Medina Sh. (2008). The effect of land spreading of olive mill wastewater on soil microbial activity and potential phytotoxicity. Almuzara', 27, 21-23. (In Arabic

Laor, Y., Raviv, M., Sh. Capua (2007). Viable solution for olive mill wastewater in Israel. Alon Hanotea, 61, 26(906)-29(909). (In Hebrew).

Saadi, I., Laor, Y., Raviv, M., Medina, Sh. (2007). The effect of land spreading of olive mill wastewater on soil microbial activity and potential phytotoxicity. Alon Hanotea, 61, 29(453)-31(455). (In Hebrew).

Raviv, M., Krasnovsky, A., Medina, Sh., Aviani, Y., Laor, Y., Saadi, I. (2006). Co-composting of olive mill wastes. Alon Hanotea, 60, 21(397)-24(400). (In Hebrew).

Laor, Y., Raviv, M. (2006). Olive mill wastes recycling in agriculture. Alon Hanotea, 60, 18(394)-20(396). (In Hebrew).

Laor, Y., Ravid, U., Tweg, D., Chen, Y., Baybikov, R., and Halchmi, I (2006). Characterization of potential malodors associated with land application of biosolids. Water and Irrigation, 471, 34-41. (In Hebrew).

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