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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Meir Teitel, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Agricultural EngineeringSensing, Information and Mechanization Engineering
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683515
Cell: 050-6220515
Email:  grteitel@volcani.agri.gov.il
Research Interests / Job description
Greenhouse management and control (ventilation, heating, CO2 enrichment, shading, structure); Energy in agriculture; Computer controlled data acquisition and instrumentation; Fluid mechanics and heat transfer in agriculture.


Articles in Reviewed Journals:

1   Tsinober, A.B.,Kit, E.,and Teitel, M. (1987).
Electromagnetic methods of turbulence measurements shortcoming
and advantages.
Experiments in Fluids, 6: 44-48.

2   Tsinober, A.B., Kit, E., and Teitel, M. (1988).
On the relevance of potential difference method for turbulence
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Fluid Dynamics Research, 7: 65-75.ֻ

6   Teitel, M., Antonia, R.A. (1991).
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comparison between experiment and direct numerical
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Net thermal radiation under shading screens.
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Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, 69: 185-188.

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Efficient utilization of energy in buildings and ponds.
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On the pressure drop across insect-proof screens.
Transactions of the ASAE, 41(6): 1829-1834.

17   Berlinger, M.J., Teitel, M., Barak, M., Leibush-Mordechi, S.,
Antignus, Y., P.G. Weintraub, Horowitz, A.R., Ausher, R.,
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Abstracts of papers presented at the 13th conference of the
entomological society of Israel.
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ventilated greenhouse.
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21   Teitel, M. (2001).
The effect of insect proof screens in roof openings on greenhouse
J. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 110: 13-25.

22   Tanny, J., Cohen, S. and Teitel, M. (2003).
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23   Teitel, M., Zhao, Y., Barak, M., Bar-lev, E. and Shmuel, D. (2003).
Effect on energy use and greenhouse microclimate through fan motor
control by
variable frequency drives.
Energy Conversion & Management, 45: 209-223.

24   **Shilo, E., Teitel, M., Mahrer, Y., Boulard, T. (2004).
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greenhouse with insect-proof screens.
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Naturally Ventilated Enclosure.
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33(3): 267-274.

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based on VFD.
Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery,
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control by variable frequency drives.
Energy and Buildings, 40: 953-960.

32   Teitel, M., Liran, O., Tanny, J., Barak, M. (2008).
Wind driven ventilation of a mono-span greenhouse with a
rose crop and continuous screened side vents and its effect on
flow patterns and microclimate.
Biosystems Engineering,101(1): 111-122.

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36   Teitel, M., D. Dvorkin, Y. Haim, J. Tanny, I. Seginer. (2009).
Comparison of Measured and Simulated Flow through Screens:
Effects of Screen Inclination and Porosity.
Biosystems Engineering, 102: 162-170.

37   Teitel, M (2010).
Using computational fluid dynamics simulations to determine
pressure drops on woven screens.
Biosystems Engineering, 105: 172-179.

38   Teitel, M., Atias, M. and Barak, M. (2010).
Gradients of temperature, humidity and CO2 along a fan-
ventilated greenhouse.
Biosystems Engineering, 106: 166-174.

39   Teitel, M (2011).
On the applicability of the Forchheimer equation in simulating
flow through woven screens.
Biosystems Engineering, 109, 130-139.

40   Teitel, M., Atias, M, Schwartz, A and Cohen S (2011).
Use of a greenhouse as an open chamber for canopy gas exchange
measurements: methodology and validation.
J. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 151, 1346-1355.

41   Teitel M., Deriugin, M., Haslavsky, V., Tanny, J. (2012). Light
distribution in multispan gutter-connectegreenhouses: Effects of gutters
and roof openings.
Biosystems Engineering, 113, 120-128.

42   Teitel, M. (2013).
Flow through Concertina-Shape Screens.
Biosystems Engineering, 116, 155-162.

43   Teitel, M. and Wenger, E. (2014).
Air exchange and ventilation efficiencies of a monospan greenhouse
with one inflow and one outflow through longitudinal side openings.
Biosystems Engineering, 119, 98-107.

44   Moran Pirkner, Josef Tanny, Or Shapira, Meir Teitel,
Shabtai Cohen, Yosepha Shahak and Yair Israeli (2014).
The effect of screen type on crop micro-climate,
reference evapotranspiration and yield of a
screenhouse banana plantation.
Scientia Horticulturae, 180, 32-39.

45   Rigakis, N., Katsoulas, N., Teitel, M.,
Bartzanas, T., Kittas, C. (2015).
A simple model for ventilation rate determination
in screenhouses.
Energy and Buildings, 87, 293-301.

46   Meir Teitel, Monica Garcia-Teruel,
Pablo F. Ibanez, Josef Tanny, Sagi Laufer,
Asher Levi, Aharon Antler (2015).
Airflow characteristics and patterns in screenhouses
covered with fine-mesh screens with either roof or
roof and side ventilation.
Biosystems Engineering, 131, 1-14.

47  Meir Teitel, Liang, H., Levi, A., Harel, D., Alon, H. (2016).
Effect of leaf pruning on energy partitioning and microclimate in an insect-proof screenhouse with a tomato crop.
Biosystems Engineering, 151, 1-8.

48 Meir Teitel (2017). Diurnal energy-partitioning and transpiration modelling in an insect-proof screenhouse with a tomato crop. Biosystems Engineering, 160, 170-178.

49 Meir Teitel, Hao Liang, Josef Tanny, Monica Garcia-Teruel,  Asher Levi, Pablo F. Ibanez, Hana Alon (2017). Effect of roof height on microclimate and plant characteristics  in an insect-proof screenhouse with impermeable sidewalls.  Biosystems Engineering, 162, 11-19.

50. J. Tanny , V. Lukyanov , M. Neiman , S. Cohen , M. Teitel , I. Seginer (2018).Energy balance and partitioning and vertical profiles of turbulence characteristics during initial growth of a banana plantation in a screenhouse. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 256–257, 53–60. 






Published in Acta Horticulturae

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