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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Bruria Heuer, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Soil, Water and Environmental SciencesSoil Chemistry, Plant Nutrition and Microbiology
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683704
Cell: 050-6220704
Email:    bruriah@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Address:Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
The Volcani Center, ARO
P.O.B. 6
Bet Dagan 50250
Research Interests / Job description
Plant response to drought and salinity
Osmotic adjustment
Irrigation with marginal water
Ornamentals and cut flowers
Exogenous application of compatible solutes

Education and Additional Training

1967-1971 B.Sc. in Microbiology and Biochemistry
1971-1973 M.Sc. in Agricultural Biochemistry
1974-1979 Ph.D. in Plant Physiology

Positions Held

1986 to date Senior Scientist, Div. of Soil Chemistry and Environmental Physiology, Institute of Soils, Water and Environmental Sciences, Volcani Center
1981 Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Chicago, USA
1985-1986Research associate at the Agronomy Department of the University of Illinois in Urbana, USA
1985-1987 Board Member of the steering committee for evaluating research proposals dealing with improving water use efficiency and with the use of effluents for irrigation. Appointed by the Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture.

Member of the ARO Scientific Evaluation Committee for Research in Field



Member of Volcani Central Library and Information Committee

2007-to date

Member of the Academic Committee of the Volcani Center

Research grants, principal investigator

  • Development of selected ornamentals tolerant to recycled and saline irrigation water (TIE grant)
  • Irrigation of Megacarpaeae and Crambe plants with brackish water and its effect on seed lipids and other lipophylic components (AID-CDR)
  • Senescence and stress (Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Foliar application of KNO3 (The Fertilizers and Chemical Compounds, Ltd. grant)
  • Polyamines interference in plants response to stress (Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Irrigation of plants rich in fatty acids, essential in diets and medicine, with marginal water (Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture and The Institute of Water Research of the Technion grant)
  • Response of cut flowers to irrigation with effluents (Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture)

    Selected Publications

    1. Heuer, Bruria and Plaut, Z. (1978). Reassessment of the in vivo assay for nitrate reductase in leaves. Physiol. Plant. 43: 306 312.
    2. Heuer, Bruria, Plaut, Z. and Federman, Evelyn (1979). Nitrate and nitrite reduction in plant leaves as affected by different types of water stress. Physiol. Plant. 46: 318 323.
    3. Heuer, Bruria and Plaut, Z. (1981). Carbon dioxide fixation and RuBP carboxylase activity in intact leaves of sugar beet plants exposed to salinity and water stress. Annals of Bot. 48: 261 268.
    4. Heuer, Bruria, Hansen, Martha J. and Anderson, Louise (1982). Light modulation of phosphofructokinase. Plant Physiology 69: 1404 1406.
    5. Heuer, Bruria, and Plaut, Z. (1982). Activity and properties of RuBP carboxylase of sugarbeet plants grown under saline conditions. Physiol. Plant. 54: 505 510.
    6. Shalhevet, J., Heuer, Bruria and Meiri, A. (1983). Irrigation interval as a factor in crop tolerance to salinity. Irrigation Science 4: 83-93.
    7. Plaut, Z. and Heuer, Bruria (1983). Adjustment, growth, photosynthesis and transpiration of sugar beet plants exposed to saline conditions. Field Crop Research 10: 1 13.
    8. Heuer, Bruria, and Portis, A.R. (1987). Inhibition of photosynthetic activities by phosphonates. Plant Physiol. 84: 649 653.
    9. Heuer, Bruria, and Plaut, Z. (1989). Photosynthesis and osmotic adjustment of two sugarbeet cultivars grown under saline conditions. J. Exp. Bot. 40: 437 440.
    10. Heuer, Bruria, and Portis, A.R. (1990). Activity of RuBP carboxylase oxygenase as a function of storage conditions. Plant Physiol.93: 1511 1513.
    11. Carmi, A., Plaut, Z., Heuer, Bruria, and Grava, A. (1992). Establishment of shallow and restricted root system in cotton and its impact on plant response to irrigation. Irrigation Science, 13: 87 91.
    12. Heuer, Bruria and Feigin, A. (1993). Interactive effects of chloride and nitrate on photosynthesis and related growth parameters in tomatoes. Photosynthetica, 28 (4): 549 554.
    13. Heuer, Bruria, Schaffer, A., Meiri, A. and Kapulnik, Y. (1994). Saline water irrigation and gypsum amendment effects on the quality of peanut seeds. European J. Agronomy, 3 (2): 169 174.
    14. Nadler, A. and Heuer, Bruria (1995). Effect of saline irrigation and water deficit on tuber quality. Potato Research, 38: 119-123.
    15. Agbaria, H., Heuer, Bruria and Zieslin, N. (1995). Effects of grafting on transpiration, CO2 fixation and growth of rose plants (Rosa x hybrida cvs. Ilseta and Mercedes). J. Hort. Sci., 70: 651-656.
    16. Heuer, Bruria and Nadler, A. (1995). Growth and development of potatoes under salinity and water deficit. Aust. J. Agric. Res., 46: 1477-1486.
    17. Agbaria, H., Heuer, Bruria and Zieslin, N. (1996). Shoot-root interaction effects on nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase activities in rose (Rosa x hybrida cvs. Ilseta and Mercedes) graftlings. J. Plant Physiol., 149: 559-563.
    18. Nadler, A. and Heuer, Bruria (1997). Soil moisture levels and their relation to water potentials of cotton leaves. Aust. J. Agric. Res., 48: 923-932.
    19. Heuer, Bruria and Nadler, A. (1998). Physiological response of potato plants to soil salinity and water deficit. Plant Science, 137: 43-51.
    20. Alian, A. Altman A. and Heuer, Bruria (2000). Genotypic Genotypic difference in salinity and water stress tolerance of fresh market tomato cultivars. Plant Science, 152: 59-65.
    21. Heuer, Bruria, Yaniv Z. and Ravina I. (2002). Effect of late salinization of chia (Salvia hispanica), stock (Matthiola Tricuspidata) and evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) on their oil content and quality. Industrial Crops and Products, 15: 163-167.
    22. Heuer, Bruria (2003). Influence of exogenous application of proline and glycinebetaine on growth of salt-stressed tomato plants. Plant Science, 165: 693-699.  
    23. Heuer, Bruria and Ravina, I. (2004). Growth and Development of Stock (Matthiola incana) under Salinity. Aust.  J. Agric. Res. 55: 907-910.

    24.   Heuer Bruria, Ravina, I. and Davidov, S. (2005). Seed yield, oil content and fatty acid composition of stock (Matthiola incana) under saline irrigation. Aust.  J. Agric. Res. 56: 45-47.

    25. Chen, S, Gollop, N. and Heuer Bruria (2009). Proteomic Analysis of Salt-stressed Tomato Seedlings: Effect of Genotype and Exogenous Application of Glycinebetaine. J. Exp. Bot., 60: 2005-2019.

    26. Li, K., Zhu, W, Zeng, Z., Zhang, Z., Ye, J., Rehman, S., Heuer Bruria, Chen, S. (2010). Proteome Characterization of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Callus, Plantlets and Tuberous Roots. Proteome science, in press.


      Chapters in books

      Heuer, Bruria (1991). Irrigation of eggplant with magnetic water at two nutrients concentrations. In: Trends in Soil Science, (Council of Scientific Research Integration, ed.), pp. 121?125.

      Heuer, Bruria (1994). Osmoregulatory role of proline in water and salt?stressed plants. In: Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, (M. Pessarakli, ed.) pp. 363?381. Marcel Dekker, New York.    

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      Heuer, Bruria and Nadler, A. (1999). Physiological parameters, harvest index and yield of deficient irrigated  cotton. In: Water Use in Crop Production, (M.B. Kirkham, ed.), pp. 229-239. Food Products Press, Binghamton, New York.

      Heuer, Bruria (2005). Photosynthetic carbon metabolism of crops under salt stress. In: Handbook of Photosynthesis, 2nd edition, (M. Pessarakli, ed.), pp. 779-793. Taylor and Francis Informa, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida.

                           Heuer, Bruria (2009). Role of proline in plant response to 

                          drought and salinity.  In: Handbook of Photosynthesis, 3rd

                          edition, (M. Pessarakli, ed.), in press.

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