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Name: Rina Kamenetsky Goldstein, Prof. (Researcher)
Units: Plant SciencesOrnamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology
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Tel:  ‎‎03-9683511 ‎‎
Cell: ‎‎050-6220511
Email:  vhrkamen@volcani.agri.gov.il
Address:Agricultural Research Organization
The Volcani Center
P.O.Box 6, Bet Dagan 50250, Israel
Research Interests / Job description
Flowering and dormancy in ornamental plants
• The mechanisms of internal and environmental regulation of flowering and dormancy in geophytes and herbaceous perennials
• Plant biodiversity, introduction of new ornamental plants, and their cultivation in warm regions
• Fertility restoration in garlic
• Development of Peony production in Israel
• Herbaceous Perennials for gardening and pot production
Lab Members 
Lab Members
Herbaceous Perennials as a new product for the exp
The potential for production of bare-rooted perennials in Israel is based on the unique climatic conditions of Israel: high light intensity, warm winter temperatures and short photoperiod during winter. The Israeli production is characterized by several important advantages
Herbaceous Peony: Cut Flowers from Israel
For successful commercial production Peony has to be subjected to low temperatures during the winter and to moderate-warm temperatures in summer. The aim of the scientific projects is to advance the flowering time of peony and to prolong the marketing period of these cut flowers from Israel.
Fertility restoration in garlic
Seed propagation of garlic on a massive scale may become a feasible option in the future. Sexual reproduction can be exploited in plant breeding, for improvements to yield, tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and quality. In addition, in established varieties, seeds (which normally do not transmit viruses) may be used for the production of virus-free propagation material.
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