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Name: Or Sperling, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterFruit Tree Sciences / Citriculture
Research Interests / Job description  
Cell: 0526278189
Email:  orsperling@gmail.com  orsp@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Gilat
Address:Gilat Research Center
Agricultural Research Organization
M.P. Negev, 85280
Ministry of Agriculture, Israel

Physiology of Deciduous Orchards

Research Interests / Job description
Resources to farming are scarce and its time to understand the physiological responses of cultivated plants to natural and anthropogenic abiotic stresses.

I study farms and forests through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and my approach and methods encompass plant physiology, terrestrial ecology, climate change, and environmental modelling.

My goal is to learn the conditions in which natural systems mitigate environmental stresses to secure productive and sustainable farming in the near future.



  • 2016, PostDoc, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
  • 2013, PhD, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Ben-Gurion University
  • 2007, BSc, Agriculture, Hebrew University

Online links


Journal Publications

  1. Or Sperling, J Mason Earles, Francesca Secchi, Jessie Godfrey, Maciej A Zwieniecki: Frost Induces Respiration and Accelerates Carbon Depletion in Trees. PLoS ONE 12/2015; 10(12).
  2. Maciej A Zwieniecki, Aude Tixier, Or Sperling: Temperature-assisted redistribution of carbohydrates in trees. American Journal of Botany 08/2015; 102(8).
  3. J. Mason Earles, Or Sperling, Lucas C R Silva, Andrew McElrone, Craig Brodersen, Malcolm North, Maciej Zwieniecki: Bark water uptake promotes localized hydraulic recovery in coastal redwood crown. Plant Cell and Environment 07/2015; 39(2).
  4. Or Sperling, Or Shapira, Amnon Schwartz, Naftali Lazarovitch: Direct in vivo evidence of immense stem water exploitation in irrigated date palms. Journal of Experimental Botany 10/2014; 66(1). 
  5. Or Sperling, Or Shapira, · Effi Tripler, Amnon Schwartz, Naftali Lazarovitch: A model for computing date palm water requirements as affected by salinity. Irrigation Science 03/2014; 32(5). 
  6. Or Sperling, Naftali Lazarovitch, Amnon Schwartz, Or Shapira: Effects of high salinity irrigation on growth, gas-exchange, and photoprotection in date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L., cv. Medjool). Environmental and Experimental Botany 01/2013; 99. 
  7. Or Sperling, Or Shapira, Shabtai Cohen, Effi Tripler, Amnon Schwartz, Naftali Lazarovitch: Estimating sap flux densities in date palm trees using the heat dissipation method and weighing lysimeters. Tree Physiology 08/2012; 32(9):1171-8. 
  8. Or Sperling, Naftali Lazarovitch: Characterization of Water Infiltration and Redistribution for Two-Dimensional Soil Profiles by Moment Analyses. Vadose Zone Journal 05/2010; 9(2).


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