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Central Library of Agricultural Sciences

Opening hours 

Library opening hours are usually:
Sunday to Thursday 07:30-16:00.

From 28/10/14 the library will be closed on Tuesdays until further notice.

Please contact the library before your arrival.

When the library is closed,  Volcani staff can enter the library from the back door by use of their employee card:
Sunday to Thursday 16:00-20:00
Friday 06:00-16:00


Agricultural Research Organization
Volcani Center Library
PO Box 6
Beit Dagan - 50250

Contact details

Telefax : 972-3-9683331 Tel: 972-3-9683833
E - mail : volclib@volcani.agri.gov.il


Idit Sofer -  Information Specialist

The Central Library serves the researchers of Volcani Institute and all those interested in agricultural information.

The library collection covers the following subjects: agriculture, plant sciences, natural resources, life sciences, soil and water, plant protection, horticulture, storage, food sciences, field and garden crops, agricultural engineering and animal sciences.

Publication type: books, journals, dissertations, CDs, maps.
Electronic format: online journals, electronic books and paid professional databases.

The library has an online catalog: "Idea-ALM".
It is connected to the internet and has "hot spots" for wireless surfing.


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