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Newe Ya'ar Research Center

Newe Ya'ar Research Center - North ARO Campus

  1. Cohen Ron e-mail Team: 'Extension service personal, cotton council , seed company
    Integrated management of Macrophomina phaseolia in cotton
    Macrophomina is a soil-borne fungus causing wilt in cotton plants, during the research we will study the disease etiology, and develop various aspects of disease control
  2. Freilich Shiri e-mail Team: Mark Mazzola, USDA ARS
    Genomic approaches for exploring microbial community function in soil-borne diseases
    Soil borne diseases are key agricultural problem in many cropping systems where in many cases plant-induced modifications to the rhizosphere microbiome promote a community that diminishes productivity and results in reduced yields. Understanding of microbial community function is the key for finding an effective and persistent sustainable solution. In collaboration with Mark Mazzola (USDA ARS) we attempt to apply metabolic network approaches for the analysis of genomics and metagenomics data in order to develop new frameworks for the educated design of sustainable solutions for suppressing soil-borne disease symptoms. The research project is focused on the analyses of bacterial genomics and metagenomics data, aiming at delineating metabolic interactions between bacteria in ecological niches.
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