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Gilat Research Center - South ARO Campus

  1. Ben Gal Alon e-mail Team:Dr Alon Ben-Gal
    Sensing for advanced irrigation scheduling
    Proximal and remote sensing of water status and stress to use in application of smart, precision, and regulated deficit irrigation strategies. Possibilities for various crops including field, vegetable and fruit trees, and irrigation systems including variable rate center pivot sprinkler and drip. please note, Dr Ben-Gal's lab is located at Volcani's southern campus, Gilat Research Center
  2. Ben Gal Alon e-mail Team: Dr Alon Ben-Gal (Irrigation),Dr Yafit Cohen (Agricultural Engineering),Dr Aviva Peeters (TerraVisionLab)
    Spacial Agro Decision Support Systems
    Precision agriculture in general and precision irrigation specifically involve management of big data and conversion of data into tools for decision making based on crop objective functions. In this project, large databases from research platforms, especially involving temporal and spacial variability, will be collected, managed in GIS based data server and converted into specific agro-spacial- decision support tools. Experience in GIS, data management, spatial statistics, and/or programming desired.
  3. Dag Arnon e-mail Team: Dr. Uri Yermiyahu, Dr. Alon Ben-Gal, Dr. Zipora Tietel
    Development of irrigation of fertigation protocol for jojoba
    Jojoba is an important crop in the Negev area. The seeds are source for wax for the cosmetic industry. In this project we will evaluate the response of this crop to different level of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization in order to develop fertigation protocol for this crop that will allow maximal production of high quality wax.
  4. Yasuor Hagai e-mail Team: Dr. Hagai Yasuor
    Role of plant hormone in flower and fruit development under abiotic stress
    The research will elucidate the role of plant hormone from different chemical families in flower and fruit organs development. To address these goals we will use the following methodologies: transcriptomic analysis using RNASeq and other molecular and genomic approaches, genome editing methods (Crisper CAS9), analytical methods for purification and quantification of plant hormone and their metabolites. The above will conducted during different developmental stages and under diverse environmental condition in both WT and mutant plants.
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