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Entomology and the Nematology and Chemistry units
Head: Eric Palevsky, Ph.D.
The Department of Entomology, Nematology and Chemistry conducts applied and basic research on issues and problems related to agriculture and forestry. Its main objective is to solve problems of plant protection that affect the agricultural and forestry sectors of Israel, for the benefit of both producers and consumers. The Department’s research also aims to improve the rural and urban environment by developing, testing and applying novel pest management strategies that reduce the use of pesticides. The members of the department conduct cutting-edge research on the ecology and biological control of insect pests and nematodes, including their chemical ecology, physiology, and biochemistry, using modern techniques of molecular biology and genomics. The department maintains numerous collaborations with scientists and institutions throughout the world.

Virtual tour of the department 

Research interests include:

  • Integrated pest management and arthropod ecology.
  • Environment-friendly control measures.
  • Chemical control, insecticide biochemistry and toxicology.
  • Insect and nematode physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • Taxonomy and fauna surveys.

Aspects of these studies include:

  • population dynamics of arthropod pests in deciduous fruit trees and citrus orchards, olive orchards, cut flower beds and field crops;
  • using the composition of insect communities to reveal migratory movement rates, as an indicator of environmental perturbation, for conservation purposes;
  • use of geostatistical tools and geographic information systems to study spatial dependence of citrus, olive and forest insects;
  • development of phenological models;
  • study of dispersion patterns in scale insects in order to define optimal sampling units;
  • utilization of molecular and statistical techniques to analyze the geographic origin of insect pests and to study population genetics;
  • study of the chemical ecology and nutrition of fruit flies and other insects;
  • studies of insect physiology and neuro-endocrinology at the cellular and molecular level and implementation of the knowledge for rational design of environment-friendly control agents based on disruption of the neuroendocrine system;

Staff members located at the regional centers:

Name (Surname, First name) Research Interests / Job description
Altstein Vinnie (Miriam), Prof. General: 1. Neuroendocrinology and neurochemistry 2.…
Ben-Yakir David, Ph.D. Development of IPM programs for protected and field…
Brown Horowitz Sigal, Ph.D. 1.Understanding the molecular interaction leading to…
Chejanovsky Nor, Prof. Insect Viruses: Bee Viruses (host range, prevention, Colony…
Ghanim Murad, Ph.D. Our lab is mainly interested in studying the multitrophic…
Gindin Galina, Ph.D. Pathogens infecting insects and ticks: entomopathogenic…
Glazer Itamar, Prof. Biological Control of Insect Pests by Microbial control…
Harari Ally R., Ph.D. Ecology of mating systems and sexual conflicts Sexual…
Mendel Zvi, Ph.D.
Nestel David, Ph.D. Spatial Dispersion Patterns of Fruit Flies; Nutritional…
Oka Yuji, Ph.D. Control of plant-parasitic nematodes by organic and…
Soroker Victoria, Ph.D. a. Chemical Ecology: 1) Regulation of pheromone…
Spiegel Yitzhak, Prof. --- Control of plant-parasitic nematodes by…
Zada (Levi-Zada) Anat, Ph.D. Identification of insect pheromones of agricultural and…
Name (Surname, First name) Research Interests / Job description
Anshelevich Leonid, Ph.D. Sex pheromones for monitoring and control of insect pests…
Ben-Aziz Orna
Bornshtein Alisa
Bucki Patricia, Ph.D.
David Maayan, B.Sc.
Davidovitz Michael
Eliyahu Miriam
Fefer Daniela, B.Sc. Pheromone chemistry Identification, synthesis and…
hen Michael
Kontsedalov Svetlana
Kuznetsova Tatiana
Lavi Esther
Lebedev Galina, M.Sc.
Mazor Michal, Ph.D. Fruit flies, attractants and repellents, baits, behavior and…
Protasov Alex, Ph.D. Forest pests; Biological control of insect pests.
Reneh Saadia
Rivkin Hadasa
Sade Adi
Salame Liora
Steinitz Hadass, Ph.D.
Name (Surname, First name) Research Interests / Job description
Samra Shahar, M.Sc. My main field interests are entomology and biological…
Name (Surname, First name) Research Interests / Job description
Aharonson, Nadav, Ph.D. Development of analytical methods for pesticide…
Ben-Dov, Yair, Ph.D. Scale Insects: systematics, biology, ecology and control…
Blumberg Daniel, Ph.D. Date palm and citrus pests Ecology and control of scale…
Dunkelblum Ezra, Ph.D. Chemical communication Sex pheromone identification and…
Horowitz Rami A., Ph.D. Insecticide resistance and management Cotton pests…
Ishaaya Isaac, Ph.D. Novel Insecticides Insecticides: resistance, biochemistry…
Klein Meir, Ph.D.
Mansour Fadel, Ph.D. Biological control of spider mites Host plant resistance…
Melamed-Madjar Venezia, Ph.D.
Muszkat Lea, Ph.D. Remediation of organic pollution in water and effluents by …
Navon Amos, Ph.D. Microbial control of agricultural pests with Bacillus…
Virov Dan, Ph.D.
Wysoki Manes, Ph.D.
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