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Abraham, IfatMScFreeman, Stanley; Yurkevitch, EdouardDevelopment of a diagnostic method for identifying Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Limonium plants
Agami, OritMScFriedman, HayaRoses as a functional food : characterization of taste, shelf life, sensitivity to Botritis cinerea and antioxidant content
Agra, OhadMScElad, YigalInfluence of microclimate on plant-pathogen-biocontrol agents interactions in the tomato powdery mildew (Oidium neolycopersici) system
Akerman-Rosenfeld, RevitalMScIrihimovitch, Vered; Sadka, AviEndogenic factors affecting 'Hass' avocado hormonal homeostasis and fruit size
Aloni, DaganMScCohen, Yuval; Riov, JosephGrowth inhibition in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
Assa, KarinMScGafni, Yedidya; Aloni, RoniThe regulation of karyopherin a1 expression by auxin in tomato and tobacco
Bar, HilaMScYoel, Daniel; Mayer, A.M.Seeds of the parasitic plant Orobanche aegyptiaca in the pre-germination stages
Bar, TalMScLers, AmnonRole for ribonuclease LX in tomato plants and its possible involvement in programmed cell death processes
Baram, ShaharPhDDahan, Ofer; Ronen, Zeev; Kurtzman, DanielDairy Farm Effluents and Groundwater Contamination – Insights from the Vadose Zone
Barnea, MaayanMScMadar, Zecharia; Shamai, AviThe effect of different nutritional regiments : Caloric restriction and high-fat diet on the expression and levels of adiponectin in mice and rats
Barnett, Chagit SimonMScShamay, Avi; Mabjeesh, SamirThe effect of prolactin on the interaction between adipocyte cells and epithelial cells in the mammary gland
Barsheshet, LilachMScBar-Tal, Asher; Levy, Guy; Shenker, MosheRehabilitation of saline sodic soils through improvement of the irrigation water quality and compost application
Batuman, OzgurPhDBar-Joseph, MosheTransformation of citrus plants with constructs related to citrus tristeza virus (CTV) sequences
Bechar, AvitalMScShmulevich, Itzhak; Gan-Mor, ShmuelPollen deposition in electrostatic field
Becker, LironMScRafaeli, AdaMolecular characterization of the receptor for PBAN in the female moth Helicoverpa armigera
Ben Jacov (Tweg), DiklaMScChen, Yona; Laor, Yael; Ravid, UziCharacterization of offensive odor components from a municipal sewage treatment plant and a cowshed as a model for odor nuisances near city and farm communities in Israel
Ben Noah, IlanMScFriedman, ShmulikAeration of clayey soils by injecting air through subsurface drippers or addition of Hydrogen peroxide via irrigation
Biale, HaimMScSoroker, Victoria; Mendel, ZviThe population dynamics of the banana-aphid Pentalonia nigronervosa (Hemiptera: Aphididae), and its associated insects in the banana plantations
Biton, AdiMScFreeman, Stanley; Shtienberg, DaniEpidemiological aspects and survival of Fusarium mangiferae causal agent of mango malformation disease
Bughici, TheodorMScWallach, Rony; Graber, EllenDevelopment of soil water repellency in olive orchards in Israel : Characterization and analysis of its affect on soil-water regime
Burstein, FainaMScBorisover, Michael; Yariv, ShmuelEffect of water on the sorption of organic compounds onto organo-montmorillonite
Caduri, HarelMScGamliel, Avraham; Cohen, YafitSpatial distribution and control of soilborne diseases in ground nuts grown in the western region of the Negev
Castro, RossanaPhDFallik, Elazar; Nestel, DavidThe development of Postharvest Quarantine Treatments for Peppers Capsicum annuum L., and Melons Cucumis melo L., reticulatus against fruit flies (Ceratitis capitata and Dacus ciliatus)
Chernov, ZoyaMScMeir, Shimon; Riov, JosephStudying the effect and mode of action of cytokinins combined with sugar in delaying senescence of Grevillea cut flowers
Cohen, ElinatanMScBorisover, Mikhail; Levy, GuyCharacterization of dissolved organic matter in treated wastewater at different treatment levels using 3D-fluorescence spectroscopy
Cohen, MiriMScMabjeesh, Sameer; Shamai, AviExpression of aminopeptidase N in ruminants mammary gland
David, NadavMScDai, Nir; Elad, YigalStudying the mechanism of resistance to powdery mildew in strawberry caused by Podosphaera aphanis
Dekel, AmirMScSoroker, Victoria; Perl-Treves, RafaelThe Ethiopian fruit fly Dacus ciliatus (Loew) response to host volatiles : Effects of physiological and environmental factors
Denisov, YouliaPhDYarden, Oded; Freeman, StanleyIdentification and characterization of Fusarium oxysporum genes involved in pathogenicity on muskmelon
Dicken, UriPhDTanny, Josef; Mahrer, YitzhakEddy covariance measurements of turbulent fluxes in large agricultural screenhouses
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